Direct Loan Servicing Centers

Federal Direct loans (student and parent) are serviced by several servicing centers (servicers) located throughout the country. These centers process name and address changes; manage the various repayment plans; monitor deferment and forbearance requests; update accounts with payments and charges; and send out monthly bills. Borrowers having trouble making their monthly payments should contact their servicer to see if they are eligible for a deferment or forbearance, or to change their repayment plan.

Borrowers are assigned to one of several servicers. Borrowers will receive a Welcome Packet from their servicer after their loan has been created by Hampshire College. In this packet will be contact information. Keep this material for future reference. 

If you are not sure which of the centers is your assigned servicer, visit and log into to determine your servicer. You may also call 800.433.3243 to locate your servicer. Servicers include ACS, Great Lakes, NelNet, PHEAA, and many others. 

Each servicer has its own website where you may review your loan payment history, loan balance, interest rates, and payoff amount. You may update your address and phone, estimate payments, change your payment due date, compare repayment plans, and change your repayment plan. You may also print or submit forms to arrange for electronic payments, 1098-E tax forms, and to request a deferment or forbearance. You should periodically check your loan account, especially if you are applying additional funds to the principal, to verify payments and changes you may have requested, or if you have requested a deferment or forbearance.

Each loan servicer has its own mailing address where loan payments are sent. Refer to the Welcome Packet material for this information or contact your servicer directly.