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Why do I need to fill out a Staff Facility Request Form or Student Request and Event Registration Form?
ESSPO handles thousands of requests every year. For the benefit and success of all College events, coordinated scheduling is important. Coordinated scheduling insures that all parties involved with an event will receive correct information.

I'm only having a department meeting, and we don't need food or other resources. Do I still need to fill out a Staff Facility Request Form?
Yes. All meetings, events, and programs are scheduled with ESSPO. This helps prevent double-bookings and space conflicts.

I'm only having a student organization meeting, and we don't need food or other resources. Do I still need to fill out a Student Request and Event Registration Form?
Yes. All meetings, events, and programs with more than 15 participants are required to reserve space with ESSPO at least 10 business days prior to the event and have the event approved by CLA. If the student organization meeting is less than 15 participants and requires no services, space needs to be reserved, but doesn't need to be approved.

I need to send out flyers and mailings for my event. When can I do this?
No planning, arrangements, mailings, or logistics should be arranged until the event has been confirmed through the scheduling process. This will ensure that the space has been reserved, that all pertinent parties have been notified of the event specifics, and that no conflicts exist with other events. It's extremely risky to mail out dates and locations before they have been confirmed. Only after details have been confirmed by the event services office should information be passed on to guests.

I'm having food at my event, but I don't know how many people will be attending. When do I need to provide the final, guaranteed count?
We will ask you for an estimate when you book the event in order to book an adequate space. To order catering you should contact Andrew Fleischer. You will give catering the approximate count as well at the time of booking. You will provide a final guarantee to Hampshire College catering 10 business days before the event. Please remember to ask your guests about any dietary restrictions; this information should be submitted with your final guarantee.

When should I start planning my event?
Events must be confirmed at least 10 business days in advance. We strongly encourage you, however, to start planning as soon as possible. Smaller scale events should be planned at least 2-3 weeks in advance and larger events should be planned a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance. The earlier you plan, the less stress you will experience and the more successful your event will be.

What does maximum capacity mean when referring to a room set-up?
Maximum capacity means that a room is set in a certain formation to maximize attendance. It does NOT, however, include any additional needs such as food tables, media, or IT equipment, etc. Adding additional resources lowers the capacity for a room, as each resource equals less space for attendees.

What does standard set-up mean?
Every room has a standard way in which it is set up. Most of our function rooms have a standard set-up; however, arrangements may be made to have a different set-up if it is communicated with the ESSPO in a timely fashion, and the policies for the room allow for it.

If I am having a meeting in my department office, but will need additional resources such as parking, food service, or IT, do I need to fill out a Staff Facility Request Form?
Yes, you do, as the ESSPO is here to make the arrangements necessary for your event to be a success. Event services works very closely with the service providers here on campus, and it is important that event/meeting information is flowing through the same channel.

Do I need to fill out a form if I just want to reserve a table or outdoor space?
Yes. These places and resources are limited and must be reserved as would any other space on campus. 

I have a contract/rider with an outside vendor for my event. Do I need to notify ESSPO?
Yes, please! In fact, you should always contact ESSPO before entering into an agreement or placing an order with a vendor. ESSPO must verify that the logistics are feasible and that the College can provide what the documents stipulate. This is to ensure that your event will run smoothly and that you can fulfill your contract/rider.

I'm an employee of the College and want to host a personal event on campus. Do I need to have insurance?
Yes. Please review the insurance requirements.

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