Hampshire College Center for Feminisms

The Center for Feminisms (CFF) strives to work towards an actively anti-sexist campus.

Hampshire College Wellness Center

The center provides health education and wellness promotion including, but not limited to, alcohol and substance abuse prevention initiatives; efforts to promote healthy relationships; self-care; mental health; stress management; and body image issues; and provides assistance with campus-wide sexual offenses resources and support.

Diversity and Inclusion Abroad  -- Women Abroad |

This brief article includes advice, important points to consider, and some questions to ask before going abroad.

A Map of Gender-Diverse Cultures

PBS-Independent Lens offers a map that highlights cultures with non-binary genders.

Women Travel Guide | Transitions Abroad

Advice, reports, and resources for traveling abroad.

Information for Women Travelers | U.S. Department of State

General advice and tips as well as country-specific information.

Transgender Passengers | Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Advice for trans travelers that addresses concerns for security screening procedures.

Know Your Rights, Airport Security | National Center for Transgender Equality

An advocacy and travel resource for trans travelers.

Travel Concerns for Transsexual and Transgender People

An article by Calpernia Addams that provides additional advice and resources.

U.S. Social Security Administration

A guide to correcting names on a social security card.

US Department of State

A guide to correcting names on a passport.

Stop Street Harassment

Research, videos, articles, blogs, and more about confronting and combating street harassment across the world.

Gender Abroad

Northwestern University's resource on navigating gender and safety abroad.


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