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Racial and Ethnic Identities


Understandings of race and ethnicity vary by cultural context. Questions of perception, self, and community are magnified, challenged, and affirmed because of the differences in political, cultural, and social constructions of race and ethnicity. When you're exploring study abroad options, it’s important to begin to examine what it will be like to be "you"' abroad. The questions below are not exhaustive, but can be used as a starting point for thinking about your experiences abroad.

Questions to Consider

  • What stereotypes exist about my racial and ethnic identities in my host country?
  • What are the histories of non-majority communities?
  • What are the histories and legacies of racial and ethnic tensions?
  • What are the cultural, political, and legal attitudes towards race and racism in my host community?
  • What is the political climate surrounding immigration? How does that impact how I might be perceived?


Hampshire Resources

External Resources

Financial Aid and Scholarships

See Finances and Funding for information on Hampshire funding and external funding for study abroad. Specific study abroad programs can also have identity-based scholarships, like SIT Study Abroad and IFSA. Sample options include:

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