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Housing Info for Families

Congratulations! A member of your family attends Hampshire College.

Did you know that students spend about 90% of their time on campus outside of the classroom? Hampshire was designed as a residential college because our founders knew that many important lessons are learned from peers through lively discussions and late night debates. We expect our students to live on campus for the entirety of their time here (with several notable exceptions; more information can be found here). If you'd like to learn more about Hampshire Residence Life and Housing, and be informed about your family member's living community and responsibilities, here are some good places to start:

Important Dates and Deadlines
Don't get left behind! Learn when important things in the Residence Life and Housing world are happening.

The Residences
What's a mod? Who lives in Dakin House? Where are the laundry rooms? Find the answers to these questions and more.

Guide to Housing
Want to know more about the housing system? Find out how new students' rooms are assigned, how returning students choose their housing for the following year, and everything in between.

The Dining Hall
Find out what Hampshire students are eating, and their meal plan options.

Policies and Practices
Wondering what's expected of Hampshire students' behavior in the residences? Learn about our restorative approach, as well as our guest policy, safety requirements, and much more.

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Send an email to with the subject line "Family Mailing List" to be added. You can also contact us with any questions you may have at 413.559.5453 or

You can also find us on Facebook as Hampshire College Residence Life and Housing, on twitter @hampshirehoo, or at

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