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New Student Computing Information

Did you get your Hampshire login information?

If you paid your deposit online, you should have received your Hampshire username and password at that time. If you paid by another method, you will be receiving your login by email. If you've paid your deposit and did not receive your login info, please contact the help desk.

You can begin using your account immediately to access your campus directories, calendars, and other information. This account replaces any that you may have been issued by admissions. Your Hampshire email address will be added to your account in May for students entering in the fall semester. Starting in June (or January, for students starting in the spring), you will begin seeing forms you need to complete on TheHub in your "New Student To Do List."

Activate your account

You must activate your account by going to You will be prompted to accept our Acceptable Use Policy, set up security questions, enter alternative contact methods for password recovery, and change your password. Your new password must have at least one UPPERCASE and one lowercase character and one non-letter character and be at least eight characters long.

Check your to-do list

Starting in June (or January, for students starting in the Spring), check your to-do list on TheHub. Log in, click on "Students," and select "New Student To Do List." There are a number of forms that you will need to complete online; this to-do list will tell you what you need to fill out. Visit TheHub often; it will be updated regularly with new information and forms. Please note that items on the to-do list may not be available to fill out right away.

Checking your email

After your email address has been added to your account (usually in May), you can check your Hampshire email by going to The College will send many important communications to your Hampshire email address.

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We look forward to working with you soon.

PLEASE NOTE: Your HampNet account information should not be shared with ANYONE. Occasionally spammers will send fake emails that appear to be from Hampshire sources, asking for your username and password. Do NOT be fooled by these phishing attempts. We will NEVER ask for your username and password.

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