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Community Commons Summer Grants Announced

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic made on-site internships untenable, and students had to quickly figure out alternatives for summer work

Summer is traditionally a time when many Hampshire students pursue their Divisional work through grant-funded internships, volunteer placements and independent projects. These experiences are invaluable to students as they explore and envision the academic and career paths they want to pursue.

This year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic made on-site internships untenable, and students had to quickly figure out alternatives for summer work. In response, several Hampshire programs collaborated to help students strategize new ways to approach their academic pursuits by working remotely on supervised projects, either through a sponsoring organization or a qualified individual mentor.

These awards illustrate the tremendous range and inventive capacity of Hampshire students, as well as the College’s focus on transdisciplinarity. The internships and projects weave together research and praxis in the arts, social justice, education, cognitive development, farming, community building, cultural competence, politics, and other fields. Grantees will work over the summer with support and guidance from institutional sponsors and Hampshire staff and faculty, and report back on their experiences in the fall.

The collaborating programs and grant funders are: Charley Richardson 70F Fund, CPSC Social Justice Scholars, Culture, Brain & Development Program, Ethics & the Common Good Project, Human Rights Fund, James Baldwin Div II and Div III Internship Grant, Smith-Barr Internship Award, and the Tom Joslin Internship Award. Many of the participating programs co-funded students in order to provide them with the financial support they need.

Twenty-eight Hampshire students were awarded grants:

Mira Adamjee, Div II Internship

Foundation Orient Occident through Kaya Travels: Teaching and Helping Develop Curriculum for Online Education of Migrants and Refugees in Morocco

Aaron Davon Andrews, Div II Internship

Beyond Happiness with The Hampshire Wellness Center

Sylvan Bachhuber, Div III Internship

Storytelling with Embrace Race Human Rights Fund, Amherst, MA

Yasmin Belkhyr, Div II Internship

Grant Writing, Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Development at the Pioneer Valley Worker’s Center

Iyanu Bishop, Division II Project 

Nurture Us and We Grow: Embodied Theater Praxis for Healing and Transformation

Talia Brown, Div II Project
Examining Personal, Private, and Public Archives and Narratives of Mooningwanekaaning-Minis (Madeline Island)

Yaritza Bushell, Div II Internship
Putting Arts on the Map Programming with Brain Arts Organization, Boston

Olivia Caldwell Div III Project
Misfit: A Collection of Poetry and Photography

Jazmine Shalé Carrier, Div II Internship

Outreach to High School Students with Upward Bound, Springfield MA

Tenzin Choedup, Division III Project

Universal Ethics Based On Our Common Experience Of Pain And Pleasure

Hayven Crockett, Division III Project 

“A Wicker Tree in Paradise: Creating an Experimental Short FilmWorkers Center

Judah Doty, Division II Project 

A Seat at the Table: Creating Space for Students of Color through the James Baldwin Scholars Orientation Program

Fiona Rodriguez Drake, Division II Internship

Community Compassion Project with the LA Commons

Daisha Dukes, Div II Internship

Making Positive Choices for the World and Ourselves, with ConnectiKids, Hartford, CT

Michael Garcia, Division II Internship

Technical Artist Intern, Wires for Empathy: Open-Source Animation Software Blender's Open-Source Movie Project

Katharine Godsil-Freeman, Division III Internship

Computer Farming with Organic Community Dairy Farm and CSA

Yeuris Cruz Guzman, Div II Internship

A Seat at the Table: Creating Space for Students of Color through the James Baldwin Scholars Orientation

Sierra Karas, Division II Project

The Portfolio: A Digital, Commons-Inspired Student Collective and Archive at Hampshire College

Dolma Kyi, Div II Project

Cognitive Process from Childhood to Youth

Lauryn McGill, Division II Internship 

Social Justice Outreach with People's Hub Training Network

Najaih Muhammad, Division II Project

Paralegal Certification

Tei Park, Div II Project

Reviving Makgeolli: Korean Homebrewing Traditions, Psychology and Politics

Patricia Quispe, Division II Project

Theater Cyber Commons Launching Project

Aaron Richardson, Div III Internship

Social Awareness Workshop Development with The Encampment for Citizenship

Moussa Siby, Division II Internship 

Justice for Immigration with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center

Alison Smith, Div II Project

Remote Tutoring Curriculum for Students Who Need Intervention Services

Taos Washington, Division III Internship 

Lobbying for the Reduction Of Extreme Global Poverty to Become A Focus Of U.S. Foreign Policy

Selassieson Williams, Div II Internship

Organization and Creative Development with Youth People of Color (POC) with UM Foundation, NYC

The grants are funded by donors to the College and administered by staff in the Community Commons, a Hampshire College collaboration that includes the following programs: Career Options Resource Center, Critical Studies in Childhood Youth & Learning, Culture, Brain & Development, Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & the Common Good, James Baldwin Scholars, LeBron-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center, Transformative Speaking & Holistic Learning.

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