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Accessible Information Technology

Information Technology Accessibility Policy

Hampshire College strives to provide accessible information technology1 in furtherance of its responsibility to provide equal opportunity to access, use, and participate in The College’s programs, services, and activities in accordance with federal and state laws.

Toward that end college administrators, faculty, and staff will strive to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to the benefits, services, and opportunities provided by information technologies either by: 1) following the standards related to the procurement, development, use, and maintenance of accessible information technology available below (the “Accessibility Standards”); or 2) where it is not feasible to follow the Accessibility Standards, providing accommodations or modifications as necessary to provide equal access.

For purposes of this policy, “information technology” includes, for example: websites, software, content delivered in digital form, electronic books and book reading systems, classroom and learning management systems, classroom technology and multimedia, etc.

Accessibility Standards

This site provides information and accessibility standards for faculty and staff on how to make information technology accessible to users with the following disabilities:

  • Visual (blindness, low vision, color blindness)
  • Motor (unable to use mouse)
  • Cognitive (learning disabilities and attention disorders)
  • Hearing

Accessible Instructional Materials

Hampshire strives to make all instructional materials accessible.

  • Readings should ideally be in digital form and text should be selectable and/or searchable by a computer. To create a searchable document from a scanned pdf, you can use our Robobraille service.
  • Scans should be made from clean documents or books, free of notes or scribbles.
  • Post materials and assignments online and as much ahead of time as possible.

Need help sourcing or creating accessible readings? Fill out our help request form

Additional accessibility standards for instructional materials can be found here: edX's Accessibility Best Practices for Developing Course Content

​For information on resources available to students to facilitate accessible learning (both campus-wide solutions and accommodations-based supports), please visit Assistive Technology for Students

Web Accessibility

Hampshire strives to make all web sites and services accessible.

  • Documents or pdfs posted online should have text that is selectable and/or searchable by a computer. To create a searchable document from an image or scanned pdf, you can use our Robobraille service. This goes for information being sent via email as well!
  • Use headings in Drupal to give structure to your pages.
  • Use meaningful text for hyperlinks; try to avoid "click here" usage. Instead of "Click here to go to the Hampshire website" use something like "Visit the Hampshire website" to make the subject the link with some context. 
  • Any images should have alt-text added describing the image. 

Additional web accessibility standards can be found here: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA.

For more information on web accessibility, please visit WebAIM.

Captioning for Online Videos

Accessible Procurement Processes

Hampshire strives to purchase and develop information technology that is accessible to users with disabilities.

  • Vendors are often able to provide accessibility information about their products. Vendors can provide accessibility information by responding to our Vendor/Bidder EIT Accessibility Questionnaire (pdf). Please check with the IT Accessibility Working Group to help vet the accessibility of high-impact technology purchases and developments.
  • The Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Clause (see ABC Contract Clauses) ensuring compliance to accessibility standards and regulations must be included in any contract or RFP involving the purchase or procurement of EITs.
  • If you need assistance in evaluating a product or service for accessibility please fill out our help request form.


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