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Temporary Accommodations

Hampshire College recognizes that, similar to individuals with permanent disabilities, individuals with temporary injuries, recovering from surgery, or with short-term medical conditions may need accommodations to access classrooms, course resources, and/or campus facilities. Temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to; broken limbs, hand injuries, concussion, or short-term impairment while recovering from surgery or medical treatments.

Depending of the nature of the temporary disability and supporting documentation, the most common accommodations for which students may be approved include:

  • Accommodations to capture information in the classroom
  • Appropriate housing-based accommodations
  • Temporary accessible parking
  • Moving classes to accessible buildings or rooms.

To request temporary accommodations:

  • Submit a Temporary Accommodation Request Form (PDF or Word).
  • Provide documentation from a treating medical professional stipulating expected temporary limitations, anticipated recovery time, and recommended accommodations. Please refer to our medical documentation guidelines for more detail.
  • OARS staff will be in touch if there is need for additional information or to discuss accommodation options.

What else should I consider?

Check in directly with your professors to assess what material and assignments you have missed and what flexibility they are able to afford you regarding deadline changes and make-up work.

If you have missed a substantial amount of class time in a given semester and will not be able to successfully complete the term or if you need to take a medical leave for the following semester, please view details about medical leave in the handbook and be in touch with Health and Counseling Services.

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