Housing-based Accommodations

The office of accessibility resources and services (OARS) works closely with the Office of Residence Life to identify residential placements on campus that include reasonable housing-based accommodations based on your individual, disability-related need. Our goal is to provide equitable access to enjoy the healthy, functional, and educational aspects of on-campus living. Your preferences for placement will be considered and included in placements whenever possible, but we can only guarantee a placement based on documented disabilities and individual needs.

New to Hampshire?

New first-year and transfer students should visit the new student form page for a list of required forms with deadlines.

Returning Students

Typically, returning students request housing-based accommodations before the semester begins. During these times OARS and the Office of Residence Life have the most flexibility to meet student accommodation needs and preferences. Please view important dates and deadlines for the Office of Residence Life to see how the accommodation timeline fits in with other Residence Life events and deadlines that may be important for you (such as identity-based or Intentional Housing Communities). If you do not qualify for disability-related accommodations based on our documentation guidelines, please visit the Office of Residence Life website for more information about general housing policies, procedures, and instructions.

Requesting Housing Accommodations

If you are requesting housing-based accommodations for the first time, please start by navigating to our process to request accommodations.

If you have already been approved for housing-based accommodations and are just requesting they be applied to your next placement, OARS will communicate your accommodation needs to Residence Life to be considered in the placement process.


Q: I already submitted documentation and was approved for accommodations in previous years or semesters. Do I have to resubmit documentation?
A: No. Unless something has changed or you will be requesting new or additional accommodations, your previously approved accommodations will be available to you each year.

Q: What if a need for accommodation arises outside of the summer, spring, or winter timelines?

A: You may request accommodations throughout the year if new diagnoses arise or you encounter disability-related barriers. These accommodation requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and students will be accommodated based on availability of spaces. Before submitting your request outside of our general process timelines, please review general options to work with the housing operations office (Residence Life) directly to address many common issues students encounter, such as requesting a move or swap and support with roommate conflict.

Q: Will my preferences for a specific placement be considered?
A: First-year and new transfer students will be asked about preferences on the housing preference form on TheHub. Returning students will work with their lottery group (preferred roommates) to negotiate preferences around living conditions.

Q: Is it possible to live with my friends in an accessible space?
A: In most cases, student accommodation needs are able to be met through the room selection process.