Cash Advances

Cash advances will be issued to Hampshire College employees only. Students, consultants, invited guests of the College, and other non-employees will not be issued cash advances.

Cash advances should be used for incidental, out-of-pocket travel expenses, such as tips, taxis, and meals not chargeable to the corporate credit card (if applicable). The amount of cash requested should be the minimum necessary to cover anticipated out-of-pocket expenses. For domestic travel, the daily cash advance should not exceed $50 up to a maximum of $250 per week. For international travel, the daily cash advance should not exceed $75.

Cash advances cannot be issued for airfare, lodging, service payments such as honoraria, conference fees, travel grants, or other substantial costs that can be prepaid, prearranged, invoiced, or charged on the corporate credit card.

Cash advances should be requested in a timely manner, but will be not be issued more than seven business days prior to the planned departure date.

Outstanding Cash Advances

An employee may have only one cash advance outstanding at any given time. Failure to account for a cash advance within 30 days will result in:

  • Suspending of cash advance privileges
  • Reporting the advance to the IRS on the traveler's W-2 as taxable income
  • Withholding of taxes on the advance from the traveler's paycheck.

Once an unsettled advance has been added to the traveler's W-2, it cannot be reversed even if settled.