Student Payroll Direct Deposit

Understanding Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of payment directly from the account of the payer (Hampshire College) to that of the party being paid (student employee).

Direct deposit is a safe and convenient way to deposit your paycheck to a financial institution in any city or state that has the ability to accept electronically transmitted funds.

Information You Need to Know

  • Student payroll direct deposit is mandatory. 
  • To set up direct deposit of your student wage checks, you must complete a Student Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form. The forms are also available in both student financial services and the payroll office. Return a completed authorization form to the payroll office or the student employment office; emailed forms will not be accepted.
  • In order to sign up, attach a cancelled check for a checking account or a deposit slip for a savings account to the Student Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Payroll will use the routing and account numbers located on these documents to set up direct deposit within our payroll system. Note: failure to include a canceled check may delay the processing of your form or accessing funds from your pay.
  • You may only deposit your net pay to one account.
  • It may take up to two pay periods for your direct deposit account to go into effect. The lag is due to the pre-note process in which your bank account information is validated for existence and correctness.
  • Pay stubs will not be sent to your student boxes. Information regarding pay that has been directly deposited can be viewed on TheHub under the Pay Stub option. This information is available on your pay day and remains there as long as you have access to TheHub.

Changing Your Direct Deposit Arrangements

  • You must advise payroll to stop your direct deposit before you close your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to access funds on pay day.
  • You must advise payroll if you make a bank change or account number change to your direct deposit paperwork. Failure to do so may result in a delay in receiving your pay.

If you need more information, please contact the payroll office.

Student direct deposit form

Electronic W-2 sample