Summer Checklist for Current Students

We hope you will enjoy your summer. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

During the summer, there are some important due dates involving your financial aid application and your student bill. Please use this guide to help you prevent any delays in the processing of your aid and in paying your bill.

If you have any questions about your financial aid, please contact the financial aid office. If you have any questions about your student bill, please contact the student accounts office.

Please realize that the dates listed below may change. Be sure to check your Hampshire email account during the summer for important announcements or emails from campus offices, including the financial aid office.

May 1

Your financial aid application is due; we must have a valid FAFSA report to be considered on time. Check your online financial aid account to make sure your aid application is complete.

Beginning Late June

Financial aid offer notices will begin to be sent to students with on-time completed aid applications; others will receive a notice throughout the summer after the application becomes complete.

Beginning July 1
July 15
  • First payment due for the 10 month payment plan (optional)
  • Provide copies of any outside scholarships award letters to the financial aid office by this date
August 1


August 26
  • Fall E-check-in begins.  Be sure to E-check-in on TheHub before classes begin if you plan to enroll for the fall term; we cannot process your aid unless you have checked-in.
  • Be sure to accept/decline your financial aid awards by this date; we cannot process and disburse your federal, state, and Hampshire aid without your authorization
  • Check your online financial aid account one more time for any missing documents or data required for your aid application before returning to campus
Sept 2 & 3

Current students return to campus

September 6

First day of Hampshire College classes