Sample Loan Repayment Schedule

The sample loan repayment schedules listed below help illustrate the differences in your monthly payments based on the choice of repayment plan. 

The monthly payments listed below are based on the following:

$27,000 total federal student loans borrowed

$3.90% interest rate

$25,000 starting Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) (This amount from the federal tax return is used for several of the available repayment plans.)

Other assumptions: Borrower's marital status is single, with a family size of one, living in Massachusetts, and the AGI increases by 5% each year.

You may calculate the monthly payment based on your individual borrowing, marital status, state of residence, and income by using the monthly payment calculator. Enter different AGI amounts to see how your monthly payments change depending on your current or projected annual income.

Review the features of each repayment plan.


Loan Repayment Plan Total Months Initial Payment Final Payment Total Paid Projected Forgiveness
Standard 120 $272 $272 $32,650


Graduated 120 $152 $456 $34,046


Revised pay as you earn (REPAYE) 257 $60 $339 $43,563


Pay as you earn (PAYE) 240 $60 $272 $37,763


Income-based (IBR) 203 $90 $272 $39,351


Income-based for new borrowers 240 $60 $272 $37,763


Income-contingent (ICR) 216 $156 $198 $38,136


Extended* n/a n/a n/a n/a


*Note that the Extended repayment plan is not available for this sample. The total loans in repayment must be at least $30,000 to be eligible for the Extended repayment plan.