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"We absolutely loved the RB and heard from quite a few people it was the best wedding guests had ever been to, a large part was because of the great staff and beautiful venue of The Red Barn."

~ October 2013 bride

"My husband and I can't say enough about the wonderful experience we had with the Red Barn! We had just over 2 months to plan our wedding after confirming with the Red Barn, and all the staff we worked with were really incredible at helping things come together in a beautiful and special way."

~ August 2013 couple

"We loved our experience at the Red Barn. It was a beautiful spot to get married and to celebrate with friends and family!"

~ July 2013 bride

"The Red Barn was the perfect choice for us and I would highly recommend it to other brides who are looking for excellent service, stunning scenery, and a relaxed vibe. Guests have told my parents that it was one of the most fun and enjoyable weddings they've ever attended, and well, I agree. :) You should check out the Red Barn for your special day!"

~ June 2013 bride


Visit The KnotSee why others chose the Red Barn by reading their reviews on If you're a recent wedding client, please consider reviewing us yourself if you haven't already.


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