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Hampshire students take ownership of everything that connects their lives on campus. Being part of Hampshire is a whole new way of life, centered on community.

Our students do nothing by halves, merging their social, personal, political, recreational, and intellectual lives through passionate participation in a varied array of clubs, organizations, and activities.

Getting Involved

Residence Life and Dining

Centers and Services

Hampshire College also offers a wide variety of centers, services, and offices dedicated to enriching each student's Hampshire experience as well as deepening connections within, and across, the entire community.

Decoding Hampshire

Have a GEO meeting in the FPH WLH? Here's a guide to what it all means.

Five Colleges

Hampshire students, as part of the Five College consortium, are invited to take part in many events at the other four colleges. The Five College events calendar is a great place to keep your eye on for all kinds of events; from gallery openings to lectures, there is something for everyone.

Also, the Fine Arts Center at the University of Massachusetts each year organizes a "Center Series." These performance arts events are held at the University of Massachusetts, and tickets are available for Hampshire students at a reduced rate.

Wellness @ Hampshire
A visual guide to better understand the areas of life that comprise overall health.
Attending to your needs and finding balance within your community.
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Hampshire Events Calendar
Events happening around campus, hosted by Hampshire community members.
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Five College Calendar
Events organized or funded by the Five College consortium and its programs.
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Browse the calendar of student group and CLA-sponsored events on HampEngage.
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