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School of Critical Social Inquiry

  Understanding Change
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  What unites the School of Critical Social Inquiry is a common commitment to understanding the processes of continually changing social and cultural formations and their implications for people's lives.
  Dean of Critical Social Inquiry

Annie Rogers is dean of the School of Critical Social Inquiry and professor of clinical psychology. Her teaching and research interests include psychological development of girls; ego and moral development in both genders; and the ways trauma and its repetition shapes development for girls.


The School of Critical Social Inquiry includes historians, psychologists, anthropologists, economists, sociologists, political scientists, and lawyers as well as faculty trained in geography and urban studies; philosophy; cultural studies; and education.

Many faculty orient their teaching and research toward specific geographic areas in the developing world. Others focus on Europe or the United States, including many with strong interests in African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos/as, or Native Americans.

Many are interested in the social, political, and economic interrelationships of these different regions and communities in the increasingly mobile and transnational realities of the 21st century.

Reflecting the critical, engaged approach to scholarship practiced by faculty and students, the school recently changed its name from Social Science to Critical Social Inquiry.

» Pathways
The faculty support a range of approaches, perspectives, and methods of inquiry, strongly emphasizing an understanding of race in the U.S. and non-Western histories, politics, social structures, and cultures.

Students put scholarship into action as they explore such issues as the struggle for human rights in Burma; the politics of East Africa; arms control, revolution and social change in the Middle East; the politics of land use; poverty law; immigration policy; and child advocacy.

Regardless of the particular approach, all of us in the school recognize the importance of integrating scholarship with social activism, thus enriching both.

» Resources
Students put theory into practice through community-based internships and College-wide programs such as Community Partnerships for Social Change, Civil Liberties and Public Policy, Environmental Studies, Population and Development, Peace and World Security Studies, and Childhood Studies, as well as other programs and initiatives.


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