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PMP Executive Creative Committee

The PMP Executive Creative Committee (PMP ECC) is led by a group of dedicated and creative students who have participated in PMP in the past as a mentor and/or mentee and will serve as mentors in the new school year.

The ECC is charged with planning and running the activities of PMP throughout the academic year, which include: mentor training, Meet and Greet, bi-weekly Get To-Gethers, and off-campus activities. Additionally, the ECC provides support to both mentors and mentees for problem-solving, outreach, and more. The ECC works closely with Cultural Center staff and has access to other key offices to help support new students.


  • Commit to two semesters to serve on the ECC. (Continued participation throughout the year and for additional terms is based upon review by Cultural Center staff.)
  • Meet with Cultural Center staff in April to plan together activities for the upcoming year.
  • During each semester meet for one hour per week for planning sessions with Cultural Center staff.
  • Facilitate/lead at least two PMP group activities per semester.
  • Participate in the training of mentors in the spring.
  • Assist with the "matching" of mentors and mentees.

ECC Rewards

  • Great resume builder! Gain professional experience in event planning, community building, and working with multicultural communities.
  • Your match will receive two more points per event that you organize and attend.
  • You will be able to satisfy your CEL-2 requirement just by organizing and hosting fun events.
  • Part of our PMP Facebook page will be dedicated to you.
  • You will be recognized for your contributions at our spring ceremony.
  • If all responsibilities are met at the end of each semester, you will receive a text book voucher.


The ECC application is included in the spring Mentor Application. 

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