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ASK for Social Justice Program

MAKE A BIG ASK DIFFERENCE!ASK for Social Justice PRogram

Since 2004, the Cultural Center has organized an annual ASK for Social Justice program for the campus community. The purpose is to host a program that explores essential Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge for promoting social justice.


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"Ouch! Oops...Snap! ASK 2014 Takes on Microaggressions"

"Microaggressions in Higher Education: Manifestation, Dynamics, and Impact"
Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D.; Teachers College, Columbia University
The talk on microaggressions will describe the manifestation, dynamics, and impact of microaggressions in higher education. It will also explore what we can do to minimize or eradicate microaggressions through remedial and preventive actions. Dr. Sue's keynote address will be on February 21 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the main lecture hall of Franklin Patterson Hall. The lecture is free and you do not have to attend the conference, but we highly encourage it.

ASK Conference 2014 Testimonials

"Being a part of the ASK conference these past two years has been an illuminating experience. So often in institutional settings like Hampshire, our activism is trapped within the classroom. We understand the whys of social justice issues, but the solutions--the hows--remain elusive. The ASK conference does revolutionary work through not only providing a forum in which to conceive of social change, but also providing the tools with which to enact change." -- (Hampshire third year student)

"Derald Wing Sue brought to life the insidious and often subtle ways that oppression impacts our community as a whole and each individual within it. The chronic and often hidden nature of microagressions erodes an individual's sense of self and reinforces stereotypes of those whose identity or lives are "other" than the dominant culture. Thank you to the staff and students who invited such a powerful, poignant keynote speaker." -- (Hampshire staff)



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