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IRB General Information

Federal regulations and College policies require IRB approval for research with human subjects. You are required to submit a formal application if your project or study meets both of these conditions:

  1. If you are conducting "research," and
  2. If human subjects are involved, either directly or through the use of identifiable data (pdf) about them.

For purposes of this policy, a "human subject" is any specific living person who is the subject of research, or information about such a person. If you are conducting research with humans as defined in the context of the IRB, you MUST apply for IRB approval before beginning your research. Still not sure?

  1. Consult a visual flow chart (pdf) of what needs IRB approval
  2. Some examples of research that do or do not require IRB approval
  3. Consult your faculty or research advisor

I do need IRB approval, how do I apply?

  1. IRB Application Process/ IRB Application Form (pdf)
  2. IRB Application Deadlines
  3. Download the IRB Manual (All forms, templates, and sample IRBs are included)


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