Financial Aid for Students Currently Enrolled or on Leave

Current students must apply for financial aid each year. We use the FAFSA to determine eligibility for various federal and state aid programs including federal student loans, federal and state grants, and federal work study. We use the CSS Profile, along with the FAFSA, to help determine eligibility for institutional aid including the Hampshire Grant. To review what forms are required for your aid application, please refer to the "My Documents" link on TheHub or contact the financial aid office. 

1. DUE DATES for currently enrolled students and for students currently on leave:

(Note that if you are applying for federal aid only these dates do not apply)


 May 1  Full institutional funding for academic year or fall only
 May 2-August 15  Late applications accepted but full institutional funding not available
 December 1  Full institutional funding for spring only
 December 2-January 15  Late applications accepted but full institutional funding not available

Renewal application information and forms are available in January. We recommend that students apply for aid even if they anticipate taking a leave in the fall; this way the financial aid application is complete in the event they change their mind about enrollment or to complete the spring application early so they don't need to worry about it while on leave during the fall term.

If you apply for the fall, your decision will be for the entire year. Students who are on leave or not on aid in the fall must meet the spring due date.

2. Required Forms for Your Renewal Aid Application:

  1. FAFSA: This form determines your eligibility for federal and state aid including federal work study, federal loans, federal grants, and state grants. Click here for more information about the FAFSA. If your FAFSA report is selected for the Verification process, you must provide the financial aid office all additional forms required for the verification process.
  2. Profile: We use this form, along with the FAFSA, to help determine your eligibility for a Hampshire College grant. Click here for more information about the Profile. NOTE: If you are not planning to apply for institutional need based aid, this form is not required; please notify the financial aid office if this is the case.

For currently enrolled students and those on leave who previously applied for financial aid and a non-custodial parent completed the Non-custodial Profile, we do not require the non-custodial parent to complete the Non-custodial Profile in subsequent years.  The non-custodial parent only needs to complete it once. 

Currently enrolled students and those on leave who previously did not apply for aid but now want to must also submit a completed Non-custodial Profile, if applicable. Click here for more information about the Non-custodial Profile. Note that the College Scholarship Service (CSS) will not allow the Non-custodial Profile to be completed for students who are currently enrolled. If this is your first time applying for aid, when you register for the Profile, indicate that you are a first year student. This will allow the Non-custodial Profile to be available for your parent to complete. If you have any questions about this please contact the financial aid office.

Currently enrolled international students DO NOT apply for financial aid after their initial application; awards are automatically renewed for up to three years (eight semesters total). Financial assistance is not available to international students who did not receive aid upon admittance.

It is important for students to use the same name and correct Social Security number on all application materials. The name used must match the name on the student's Social Security card.

3. Make sure you haven't missed anything. Check your online financial aid account:

Check the status of your financial aid application by logging onto TheHub; click on the "My Financial Aid" link. Here you are able to review what forms are required, which forms are missing, your aid award letter, and other important information about your aid application. Please allow a few days for the office to update your records after you submit a required document.

If you complete the required forms listed above after the appropriate due date, and if you are eligible for a Hampshire Grant, the Grant will be reduced by an amount determined by the date the application is completed--the longer you take to complete it the larger the reduction to the Grant. Be sure to complete these two requirements on time!

In addition to the Profile and FAFSA, you may be asked to provide supplemental documents such as copies of your or your parents' W-2 forms, specific schedules from your or your parents' federal income tax return, and certain documents and data if your FAFSA was selected for the Verification process. If we require additional documents your "My Financial Aid" account will list them so check your account periodically to make sure your aid application remains complete. These supplemental documents will not cause your Hampshire Grant to be reduced (see previous paragraph) if we receive them after the appropriate due date, but we need to receive these before we can determine your aid.

4. Notification of your awards:

If your aid application was completed by the appropriate due date, you will receive your financial aid award letter by mid-June for the Fall term or by mid-December for those returning from leave for the spring term. Review the aid information carefully and thoroughly. You will need to accept your awards, including your federal student loans. To accept your aid awards log onto your "My Financial Aid" account, click on the My Award Letter tab, and accept, or decline, each individual award. Review more information about your award letter.

If your aid application is incomplete by the appropriate due date, we will review your aid application after it becomes complete. You will then receive a financial aid award letter from us.

If your FAFSA was selected for the Verification process we need all of the required additional documents before we can determine your financial aid awards. 

5. Contact the financial aid office with any questions:

We are here to help you. If you have any questions about the financial aid application process or about your financial aid awards, please contact the financial aid office. Call us at 413.559.5484 or email us at

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