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Faculty Grants FAQ

The grants office’s website supports faculty in seeking grants and fellowships. The Q & A that follows provides a brief overview of the most helpful features of the website. You can also reach us at


Q: I've been thinking about applying for a grant or fellowship. Where should I start?

A: There are two pages that can help you explore funding opportunities. The first is the Upcoming Deadlines page. This page features various opportunities (related to grants and fellowships), divided into two tables: Humanities and Sciences (Natural, Cognitive, and Behavioral). The tables are organized by the funding agency, opportunity name, and respective deadline.

If none of these opportunities pertain to your project or idea, you can find Funding Opportunities/Sources. Here, we provide links to various public and private funding sources, as well as links to databases (e.g., COS Pivot and Grants.Gov) that can help you search for funding opportunities that fit your project.

Q: I found a funding opportunity that fits with my project or idea. Now what?

A: First, we suggest you explore the Guidelines for Faculty Grant and Fellowship Proposal Submissions page, which walks you through the proposal development steps. Next, we would encourage you to contact us! Email to share what you would like to do. Other pages that may help you with developing a proposal include:

  • Writing Resources (features general and funder-specific writing advice and support, as well as links for data management plans)
  • Roles and Responsibilities (breaks down who is responsible for which component of the grant process)
  • Forms and Policies (lists the College's grant-related policies and required forms)
  • Grant Routing Form (to be filled out and submitted along with your proposal to the grants office)
  • Frequently Used Facts (a ready-reference of information often required in grant proposals and helpful when creating budgets)

Q: I was awarded a grant. Now what?

A: First, congratulations! This is wonderful news, so please be sure to tell the grants office! Next, we would encourage you to look at the Manage Your Grant page to understand the post-award administration steps.

Q: I'd like to see what faculty projects or research have been grant-funded. Where are they?

A: You can see a list of the current year's grant-funded projects on the Grants at Work page (as well as annual archives).

Finally, we would like to share a very important statistic: "You will get 0% of the grants you do not apply for." We encourage you to apply for a grant, and if it isn't funded, to continue to apply. We will always serve as a source of support, as will your colleagues who have also gone through this multifaceted, but rewarding, process.

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