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School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies


The School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies (HACU) unites both faculty and students interested in a range of liberal arts related disciplines.

Teaching students to become fluent in multiple languages of inquiry and expression, our classes address a range of texts from sonnets to symphonies, JPEGs to riffs, Vedas to self-portraits.

HACU is committed to a critical examination of the various aspects of human experience and the sources of value in that experience.

Drawing Connections

Faculty work with students to develop analytical, practical and critical skills and to draw connections between the following areas of study:


Whether analyzing an ancient text or a postmodern art form, producing a film or a multimedia project, choreographing dance or improvising music, the faculty and students of HACU are all concerned with the construction of ideas and aesthetic forms, as well as the analysis of their historical origins, their cultural contexts, and their human significance and value.


Facilities include darkrooms and digital photo labs, an animation studio, labs for analog and digital film and video work, architectural design studio, two dance studios, a recital hall and practice rooms, a recording studio with two adjacent isolation rooms, Sibelius computer room with additional music software, and large-scale and individual studio spaces for painters and sculptors. 

Dean of HACU

Rebecca Miller is dean of HACU and professor of music.

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