Current Covid FAQs

Information will be added here as we have it, and is subject to change. Last update: October 3, 2022

Those with concerns about behaviors in violation of these policies who are uncomfortable handling it themselves are encouraged to file a report.


Students and Employees


All students and employees must receive all doses in a primary COVID-19 vaccine series plus one booster (when eligible). All students and employees must also receive the fall 2022 bivalent booster.

All students and employees are expected to remain up to date with CDC vaccination recommendations.

Students who remain unvaccinated or under-vaccinated without approved exemptions on file will not be permitted to attend Hampshire.

Employees who remain unvaccinated or under-vaccinated without approved exemptions on file will have their employment at Hampshire College terminated.

International Students

Hampshire College will accept any COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by the World Health Organization.

An international student who has not been able to acquire a vaccine or received a vaccine that is not approved by the World Health Organization will be assisted by Hampshire Health Services in getting an approved COVID-19 vaccine series after arrival.



Mandatory (KN95 or better) until further notice.

Outdoors Encouraged in crowded environments and/or within six feet of others.

Masks should be a KN95 or better (no cloth masks), fit securely, and cover your nose and mouth with no gaps.

Asymptomatic Testing

Students and Employees

PCR testing during the fall 2022 semester is optional and available to those who want to continue weekly asymptomatic testing, are close contacts, or are experiencing symptoms.

Weekly testing for all will become mandatory if CDC community risk increases to “High,” or depending on campus conditions.

The campus asymptomatic testing program updates and weekly case counts are available on the COVID-19 Testing Program web page.

Campus community members can find more information and answers to testing FAQs here.

Positive Covid-19 Test Result

Students and Employees

Must isolate for at least five days from onset of symptoms or from the date of positive COVID test if asymptomatic.

May exit isolation after five full days, if (1) symptoms are resolving and no fever for 24 hours; and (2) after two negative antigen tests spaced 24 hours apart (i.e. the morning of day five and the morning of day six, before leaving your residence).

May exit isolation without testing after 10 days if symptom-free.

Must wear a KN95 or better mask indoors at all times after leaving isolation, until the 10th day after beginning isolation.

Students may remove their mask in their own room with the door closed; employees may not remove their mask indoors at any time during the 10 day period.

Students Will be moved into campus isolation housing. Food will be delivered. Students may isolate off campus or at home if safe transportation can be arranged.
Employees Isolate at home. Notify supervisor/dean of faculty and Human Resources Office within one business day of a positive test result.

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should refrain from PCR testing for 90 days.

Experiencing Symptoms

(if you are sick)

Students and Employees

May not attend work, class, other activities, or dine indoors until either a negative PCR COVID-19 test result is received, or you have had two negative rapid antigen tests taken 24 hours apart.

A person with symptomatic illness but who has a negative PCR COVID-19 or two negative rapid antigen tests taken 24 hours apart may resume normal activities on campus, and is encouraged to wear a mask while symptomatic. 

A person with symptomatic illness who tests positive on either a PCR or rapid antigen test should refer to the Positive COVID-19 test result section for what to do.

Students Call Health Services for guidance and symptomatic PCR COVID-19 testing.

May come to campus only to submit a symptomatic PCR test using the College testing program, and must wear a mask at all times while on campus. Call your healthcare provider for guidance and additional symptomatic PCR COVID-19 testing. Notify your supervisor or dean of faculty.

Notify Human Resources within one business day in the event of a positive test result.

Every person who is coming to or on campus must conduct a daily COVID-19 symptom self-check before leaving their home.

Close Contacts

(if you were exposed)

Students and Employees with Symptoms Stay home and be evaluated by their health care provider. Get a PCR COVID-19 test, or take two rapid antigen tests spaced 24 hours apart. If positive, follow positive COVID-19 test result guidelines above for when to leave isolation.

Asymptomatic Students and Employees

Should continue to work, attend class, and participate in activities.

Must wear a KN95 or better mask indoors for 10 days following exposure.* Mask must be worn at all times except in your private residential room and bathroom. No indoor dining.

Must get a PCR test on day five after the last day of exposure.*

Asymptomatic Students and Employees who had confirmed COVID-19 within the past 90 days (tested positive using a viral test and reported it to Health Services or Human Resources)

Should continue to work, attend class, and participate in activities.

Must wear a KN95 or better mask indoors for 10 days following exposure.* Mask must be worn at all times except in your private residential room and bathroom. No indoor dining.

*For people with ongoing exposure to someone infected with COVID-19 (such as living in households with sick family members), the last day of exposure is the last day the person is in proximity to an infectious person.

  • A close contact is anyone within six feet (masked or unmasked) of a person with COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period (for example, three individual five-minute exposures for a total of 15 minutes).
  • Hampshire College recommends that people enable MassNotify to aid with contact tracing efforts. Follow these instructions for anonymously reporting a positive test result to MassNotify.


Indoor Dining (Including Visitors and Guests)

Masks should be worn when getting food, moving around in dining spaces, and when not actively eating or drinking.

No indoor dining if:

  • You are a close contact (exposed to Covid)
  • You have recently had a positive COVID-19 test result and are within the first 10 days (or still testing positive on antigen tests after day 10).
  • You have symptoms of COVID-19 and have not yet received a negative PCR result or two negative rapid antigen test results spaced 24 hours apart.

Regular space-specific food and drink restrictions still apply (e.g. laboratories, computer labs, etc).

Outdoor Dining

Strongly encouraged.

Covered outdoor seating is available at the Dakin/Merrill pavilion and the solar canopy.

Visitors and Guests

Visitors and Guests Must follow general masking policies. See Masks FAQ (above).

Campus is open to admissions visitors and tours.

Masking required for tour groups indoors.

Five College Students and Employees Current students and employees of the Five Colleges (Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst Colleges, and UMass) are not considered visitors at Hampshire, as all of the institutions are requiring vaccination. They are expected to follow the same policies as Hampshire College students and employees when on our campus.
Community Members Participating in Ongoing College-Sponsored Campus Activities Any employee or student who would like to invite visitors to participate in a College-sponsored activity that involves repeatedly interacting in person with students or employees (for example, participating in a performance and/or rehearsals, athletic activity, class, organization, etc.) must request prior approval from the CRT. A visitor is any person not enrolled at or employed by a Five College institution. One-time visitors (for example, a guest speaker, performance attendee, visiting athletic team, etc.) are not subject to pre-approval and must follow the visitor policies in place. To request approval, the organizer must submit a plan identifying how they will verify that all visitors are fully vaccinated, how visitor participation will be recorded for contact tracing purposes, and how the organizer will ensure that visitors follow any College Covid-19 testing protocols in place using off-campus testing resources. Visitors may not participate in ongoing college activities until such a plan has been approved by the CRT. If you are not sure whether an activity is "ongoing," contact
External Guests at Indoor College-Sponsored Campus Events Masks are required at all indoor college-sponsored campus events that are open to external guests. An external guest is any person who is not an employee or currently enrolled student of one of the Five Colleges, or Five Colleges, Inc.

The College continues to encourage contactless deliveries as an alternative to in-person shopping whenever possible.

Additional policies may be adopted when a large number of visitors is expected on campus for events or activities, or when visitors will be on campus for extended periods.

Travel and Pool Vehicle Usage

Students and Employees Strongly encourage everyone to avoid going to locations where the risk of infection is high, and wear a mask in public while traveling.
College-Sponsored Travel There are no COVID-19-specific restrictions on College-sponsored domestic and international travel. Travel is permitted subject to state and federal guidelines and/or restrictions, and in accordance with regular College policies governing travel.
Pool Vehicle Usage No restrictions on pool vehicle usage. Masks are strongly encouraged.