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Hampshire College Wireless Network

We currently have wireless connections available in all public spaces, classrooms, and residences.

There are four discrete wireless networks available in academic areas:

  • Eduroam (private): Eduroam is a global federated wireless network for the research and education community. It allows members of participating institutions to use the same wireless configuration they use at their home institution when visiting other participating institutions. Hampshire community members may find this particularly useful because it has been implemented at all of the Five Colleges; if you set up eduroam at Hampshire, you can go to the other institutions in the Five Colleges, open your laptop, and be instantly online.
  • Hampguest (public): This network does not require a login and has an entirely separate connection to the Internet. In this way, it is like sitting in an internet cafe; you are not really on Hampshire's network while using this wireless network, and as such cannot access anything that is on-campus only, and on-campus services will be slower than when using wallace or the dorm networks. This network is only available in the public areas of campus. Students should register their guest's computers under their names if they have guests that need access in the dorms. In this way, you are taking responsibility for the actions of your guests on our network.
  • Gromit (private): This network requires a current Hampshire login, and provides full, direct access to on-campus services, with the exception of certain resources only available to faculty and staff.
  • Wallace (private): This network requires a current faculty or staff Hampshire login, and provides full, direct access to all on-campus services.

In the dorms, the network name matches the housing area, and requires a Hampshire login, like gromit. For instance, in Merrill, the network name is "merrill".

Private wireless access points are not supported. If you have poor wireless in your housing area, please contact Josiah Erikson at or 413.559.6091.

Hampshire's wireless network is powered by H3C 2620/2620E (a/b/g/n) Access Points.

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