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We are confident that, with regular virus testing combined with community adherence to health and safety protocols and behavioral expectations, our faculty and staff can deliver a genuinely Hampshire education, safely

This fall, we are welcoming all of our new and returning students to campus. Our clear plans will create an environment that preserves the immense benefits of a residential campus while minimizing opportunities for potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

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October 5, 2020

Coronavirus Update (Still at 0 Cases)

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Nearly two months after students began returning to campus, Hampshire College has not recorded any cases of Covid-19. We have performed 2,300 polymerise chain reaction (PCR) tests, and nobody at Hampshire has tested positive. This fact is a testament to the thoughtfulness, care, and diligence with which our community has faced the pandemic. Our students, faculty, and staff have demonstrated abundant commitment to keeping one another safe, carefully maintaining physical distance, wearing masks indoors and out, reporting symptoms, washing or sanitizing hands, and limiting unnecessary travel.

In the last week several events clarify how important it is that we not relax our precautions. Between September 28 and October 2, UMass recorded 77 positive tests, many related to a single off-campus gathering. The rapid growth of this cluster exhibits just how quickly the coronavirus can spread here in Amherst, if people relax physical distancing. The infection of President Trump and many of the people around him illustrates the limitations of testing: despite being tested more than perhaps any other person in the world, the President contracted and spread Covid-19. Testing identifies infections after they occur in order to contain further spread, but testing alone is not a precaution against contracting or spreading the virus. Responsible behavior is the primary means to avoid transmission, and no amount of testing can protect us from people who disregard the safety of others.

I ask everyone in the Hampshire community to continue their commitment to uphold our Community Care Agreement and follow campus safety rules. I want to emphasize in particular two points. First, it is essential to neither host nor attend gatherings that pose a safety risk to you or the community, and to remove yourself from any gathering that becomes unsafe. This issue may become increasingly relevant as the Amherst area enters stage 2 of phase 3 of the state reopening plan, which allows larger public gatherings in some venues. Second, I ask everyone to limit unnecessary personal travel, and to diligently observe both state regulations and safety precautions if you do travel. I also want to let the community know that the College may need to consider further travel restrictions and limitations of campus access, if conditions in the region worsen.

Thank you to everyone in the Hampshire College community. Our commitment to keep one another healthy and safe deserves celebration. The challenge of this pandemic reveals much about people; we should all be proud that our community’s response has been compassionate, caring, and collaborative.

Ed Wingenbach

Campus Access and Visitor Guidelines

Campus Access and Visitor Policy

Consistent with our commitment to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of our staff, faculty and students, Hampshire College is continuing to strictly limit visitor access to campus.

Outdoor spaces on campus remain open to the public only for passive recreation in compliance with all state and local regulations and our posted rules.  

All campus facilities are solely for the use of currently enrolled students and faculty and staff who have completed the most current COVID-19 training, and are in compliance with all requirements (including, but not limited to, complying with face covering and occupancy limit requirements). This will *not* change with the arrival of students on campus, the expansion of campus services, and the beginning of classes. 

All activities that involve bringing visitors into campus facilities must be approved by the Division Head prior to the visitor coming to campus. Visits will only be approved if the activity is both time-sensitive and cannot be completed remotely. 

Contractors and Vendors:

With the exception of deliveries that do not involve entering any buildings (Instacart, pizza delivery, etc.), all vendors and contractors (existing or new) should register with our Environmental Health and Safety Manager before their next visit to campus for a review of their health and safety protocols (including, but not limited to, COVID-19 safety policies).  Please connect these vendors with Steve Fratoni (, and copy Sarah Steely ( for vendors specific to Cole Science operations.

Contractors and vendors who demonstrate non-compliance with COVID-19 safety policies will not be allowed to continue to access our campus.

Services such as Instacart and restaurant deliveries should be done as contactless drop-offs whenever possible, and physically distanced when not possible. Under no circumstances should employees of  these services enter our buildings; if you require assistance to bring in these deliveries, please enlist another community member.  Hampshire continues to encourage contactless deliveries as an alternative to in-person shopping whenever possible.

Other Campus Guests:

Hampshire recognizes that departments may need to, on a limited basis, welcome individuals onto campus for time-sensitive work that requires an on-campus presence.  These visits must meet the following criteria:

  1. The work must be time-sensitive, and
  2. The work must not be able to be completed remotely (i.e., requires interacting with or viewing in person of on-campus facilities or resources).

All activities not meeting these criteria should be conducted remotely or postponed.  If an in-person visit is necessary, guests must:

  1. Attest (if applicable) that their employer has a COVID-19 compliance program in place that meets all state and local laws,
  2. Follow posted Hampshire College policies, including (but not limited to) face coverings, physical distancing, and occupancy limits. 

These requests should be directed to Division Heads for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Other Activities:

Requests for campus access not falling clearly into the above categories should be directed to the Covid Response Team (CRT) via Elizabeth Craun (  Some examples of recently approved activities include CSA pick-your-own field opening, rental of the RCC pool, and several outdoor only service projects by alumni groups.  Please provide at least 2 weeks lead time on requests.  The CRT may approve activities as proposed, deny activities altogether, or approve activities with additional restrictions.

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