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Hamp Forward: 2020–21

We are confident that, with regular virus testing combined with community adherence to health and safety protocols and behavioral expectations, our faculty and staff can deliver a genuinely Hampshire education, safely.

This year, we are welcoming all of our new and returning students to campus. Our clear plans will create an environment that preserves the immense benefits of a residential campus while minimizing opportunities for potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

>> Hampshire's COVID-19 Higher Education Control Plan

>> Updates from Health & Counseling Services

>> Community Care Agreement

Information will be added here as we have it, and is subject to change.

February 3, 2021

Travel Guidelines for Students

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we welcome students back to Hampshire’s campus for the spring 2021 semester, we continue to determine ways to keep the campus community as safe as possible. While we are hoping that students minimize their travel, we recognize there may be circumstances that take students away from our campus. We support students' ability to maintain local off-campus employment, shop for essential items not available on campus, access health-related referrals, tend to urgent family matters, and other needs that may arise. While off campus, students must maintain the same safety precautions expected on campus.

Our goal in outlining Hampshire’s travel policy is to be proactive in helping students be successful in their academic pursuits while also doing everything possible to keep themselves and others safe.

Our community will continue to take significant steps to minimize the presence of the coronavirus on campus. To maintain that level of safety, the College is limiting travel by students living on campus to within Hampshire County. If a residential student leaves the County for any reason, they are welcome to return to campus, but must do so while adhering to expectations outlined in the College’s phased reopening plan (see below), beginning with Phase One. Students will continue to progress through the phases until the receipt of their second negative COVID test result; students returning from outside of Hampshire County do not need to take a COVID test before returning to campus, but are expected to follow all restrictions outlined in Phase One.

Students who have returned to Phase One may participate in campus testing every Tuesday at the Robert Crown Center, but may also wish to take advantage of the UMass Community COVID testing site in order to move through the phases more swiftly. It is important to note that there must be at least five days between the first and second COVID tests.

Students anticipating leaving the County should complete the Campus Travel Form. This form will be used to alert staff in several support offices (Dean of Students Office, CASA, etc.) in order to facilitate a seamless transition back to campus life.

Students whose academic program requires them to regularly leave Hampshire County (e.g, internships, field work, etc.) should contact the Dean of Students to discuss special arrangements. Students who leave Hampshire County for medical or mental health care and return immediately are exempt from this policy and do not need to complete the Travel Form, but should contact Health and Counseling Services at 413.559.5458 to discuss the possible need for increased testing upon their return to campus.

Any questions regarding travel throughout the semester can be directed to
Christoph Cox, Ph.D.                                                                         
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty                                   

Zauyah Waite, Ph.D.  
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students                 

December 21, 2020

Important information regarding Spring 2021

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

We hope you are all enjoying the start of a much-needed break in the face of a semester that was extraordinary in every way. As we prepare for your return to campus for the spring semester, we want to share plans for testing, programming, and arrival back to Hampshire.


Due to the pervasiveness of the COVID-19 virus, particularly in the coming winter months, we will expand our testing program in the spring semester. All residential students, commuter students, and student-serving employees will be tested on a weekly basis. To minimize the likelihood of community spread on campus as students return from around the country, all students will be tested upon arrival, and are expected to avoid close contacts until receiving a second negative test result.

Arrival and Reopening:

January 24: Arrival of early and new international students
January 29: Arrival of new students
January 30 & 31: Arrival of continuing students
February 1: Semester begins  
February 8: In-person instruction and activities begin

Three Phases of Reopening and Onboarding:

  1. Phase 1 Onboarding Asymptomatic Testing Upon Arrival and After Day 5.
    We are mindful that there may be high rates of virus transmission in communities around the country as next semester begins. All students will follow the same arrival protocols, as the distinction between “lower-risk” and “higher-risk” locations is unlikely to be meaningful.
  • Every student will be tested at the RCC upon arrival to campus, prior to being allowed to move into their residences.
  • Instruction and activities will be remote.
  • Campus buildings other than mods and dorms remain closed to students.
  • During this phase, students must:
    • Wear a mask at all times when outside of their assigned individual room (masks must be worn in common areas in mods and in dorms).
    • Clean common spaces after every use; the College will provide sanitization supplies.
    • Minimize all contact with others.
    • Not allow guests in their individual rooms.
  1. Phase 2: Mod Pod Interaction.
    This phase will begin for a student once a second negative test result is received from Hampshire’s asymptomatic testing program. During this phase, students may resume forms of physical interaction and activity similar to the fall semester.
  • While instruction and college sponsored events will be remote during this in-between phase, students in phase 2 should be able to relax their physical distancing. Students in mods will no longer be required to wear face coverings while in shared common spaces in their assigned mods, once every resident of the mod enters phase 2.
  • Students in residence halls must still wear face coverings while in common areas for the safety of the College staff who maintain those spaces.
  1. Phase 3: Wellness Days Begin February 8.
    On Friday, February 5, all students will be tested at the RCC, which ensures that students receive two test results before Monday, February 8.
  • Campus buildings open on regular schedules.
  • Enhanced student experiences begin. This includes increased indoor activities and gatherings and a full calendar of activities that all students will receive upon arrival.
  • Courses that have in-person instructional elements may begin in-person meetings.
  • Return to regular rules for students in residence halls and mods.
  • Weekly Testing Tuesdays begin February 9 and end April 27.

As we prepare for this coming semester, we recognize our collective success stems from the commitment of our entire community to consistently practicing the 3Ws: wearing face coverings, watching their distance to ensure that they were one cow apart from one another, and washing, cleaning, and sanitizing. We did this with 411 students in residence, 51 students commuting, and 52 students studying remotely. We delivered online and hybrid instruction, conducted new student orientation and delivered creative in-person and virtual programming to build and strengthen our connections with one another. We are grateful to each of you for prioritizing our community’s health and well-being.  

Hampshire College created one of the safest campuses in the country, with a positivity rate far below that of the local community. Between August 10 and December 1, we administered 5,571 tests, garnering four positive results, a 0.11% rate of infection. Symptomatic tests performed by Health and Counseling Services totaled 112, with 2 positive results, a rate of 1.8%. Contract tracing showed that none of the positive cases were related; each person contracted COVID-19 separately. Contact tracing and isolation protocols quickly prevented community spread. At the end of the semester, all students were offered a test before leaving campus for winter break. Health Services staff also administered 329 flu vaccines to students.

Please follow this webpage during the break for the latest updates and instructions. Enjoy your time with family and friends over the break, with appropriate precautions. And get some well-deserved rest. Congratulations – You Did It!       

Yours in Community,

Zauyah Waite, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Christoph Cox, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Campus Access and Visitor Guidelines

Campus Access and Visitor Policy

Consistent with our commitment to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of our staff, faculty and students, Hampshire College is continuing to strictly limit visitor access to campus.

Outdoor spaces on campus remain open to the public only for passive recreation in compliance with all state and local regulations and our posted rules.  

All campus facilities are solely for the use of currently enrolled students and faculty and staff who have completed the most current COVID-19 training, and are in compliance with all requirements (including, but not limited to, complying with face covering and occupancy limit requirements). This will *not* change with the arrival of students on campus, the expansion of campus services, and the beginning of classes. 

All activities that involve bringing visitors into campus facilities must be approved by the Division Head prior to the visitor coming to campus. Visits will only be approved if the activity is both time-sensitive and cannot be completed remotely. 

Contractors and Vendors:

With the exception of deliveries that do not involve entering any buildings (Instacart, pizza delivery, etc.), all vendors and contractors (existing or new) should register with our Environmental Health and Safety Manager before their next visit to campus for a review of their health and safety protocols (including, but not limited to, COVID-19 safety policies).  Please connect these vendors with Steve Fratoni (, and copy Sarah Steely ( for vendors specific to Cole Science operations.

Contractors and vendors who demonstrate non-compliance with COVID-19 safety policies will not be allowed to continue to access our campus.

Services such as Instacart and restaurant deliveries should be done as contactless drop-offs whenever possible, and physically distanced when not possible. Under no circumstances should employees of  these services enter our buildings; if you require assistance to bring in these deliveries, please enlist another community member.  Hampshire continues to encourage contactless deliveries as an alternative to in-person shopping whenever possible.

Other Campus Guests:

Hampshire recognizes that departments may need to, on a limited basis, welcome individuals onto campus for time-sensitive work that requires an on-campus presence.  These visits must meet the following criteria:

  1. The work must be time-sensitive, and
  2. The work must not be able to be completed remotely (i.e., requires interacting with or viewing in person of on-campus facilities or resources).

All activities not meeting these criteria should be conducted remotely or postponed.  If an in-person visit is necessary, guests must:

  1. Attest (if applicable) that their employer has a COVID-19 compliance program in place that meets all state and local laws,
  2. Follow posted Hampshire College policies, including (but not limited to) face coverings, physical distancing, and occupancy limits. 

These requests should be directed to Division Heads for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Other Activities:

Requests for campus access not falling clearly into the above categories should be directed to the Covid Response Team (CRT) via Elizabeth Craun (  Some examples of recently approved activities include CSA pick-your-own field opening, rental of the RCC pool, and several outdoor only service projects by alumni groups.  Please provide at least 2 weeks lead time on requests.  The CRT may approve activities as proposed, deny activities altogether, or approve activities with additional restrictions.



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