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Exploring Disability

Accessibility Community

Community Outreach and Resources for Accessible Learning (CORAL) 

CORAL represents a "center of gravity" for students, staff, and faculty to come together around enhanced accessibility at Hampshire. Coordinated primarily by OARS staff, CORAL opens avenues for communication between Hampshire community members and shares ideas and labor to address barriers on campus and educate one another about how we can all be a part of making Hampshire more accessible. 

Visit CORAL on Facebook to see upcoming events.

If you are interested in being involved, email to share your ideas, or set up a time to meet with OARS Staff to hear what projects are in process, what roles you can play, and times to meet with other CORAL members.

Collective of Students Affected by Ableism (CoSAA) 

CoSAA creates space for community education, advocacy, and support for students with disabilities and advocates for the population of students affected by ableism in its entirety. CoSAA is a welcoming community dedicated to supporting and providing a safe space for students who identify as disabled to find community and support.

Visit CoSAA on HampEngage. to learn more about meeting times and events

Curriculum Support

If you are doing a disability/accessibility-related project for class or div work, Aaron knows about Universal Design for Learning and the accommodation process, and David knows about vocational rehabilitation, accommodations, and enjoys talking through the creative process. We are happy to help you project-plan, talk through ideas, and answer any questions. Learn more about our staff.

Disability Studies

The Directors at each campus aspire to develop a Disability Studies 5-College Certificate Program with the other four institutions in the five-college consortium. If you are a faculty member or student teaching and learning in the areas of disability rights, justice, Universal Design, and accessibility, and would be interested in collaborating on this, please contact us!

In the meantime, the below represents a collect existing avenues for students to engage in disability experience through academics.

  • Below is a list of disability-related Five College courses. We haven’t taken these courses, so we can’t be sure how integral disability will be to many of them, or if the frameworks are similar to our own, but we know and like some of these folks and the sources they mention.
    • If you teach or take a course relating to disability/accessibility issues, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Spring 2019

Fall 2018 Offerings

Past Courses

 A complete list of the past courses identified, which includes their descriptions and the professors who taught them. Even if they aren't being taught now, perhaps these professors may be interested in independent studies and other collaborations.

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