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Work Study/Student Employment

The work-study component of a financial aid award package is the opportunity to work on campus to earn funds to help pay for their educational expenses. Work-study awards range from 8-10 hours per week, and the wage rate is $8.00 per hour for all jobs. Wages are paid directly to the student on a biweekly schedule; they are not credited to the student's Hampshire account unless the student signs up for payroll deduction.

There are a variety of student positions available throughout the campus in different offices, schools, the library, dining commons, etc. Community service positions to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals; solutions to particular problems related to their needs are also available. Students have also found placements as America Reads tutors in preschool, elementary, and after school programs. An effort is made to help students obtain positions that suit their interests, skills, and academic schedules, but it is each student's responsibility to secure a job. The student employment office (located across the hall from student financial services in Blair Hall) maintains a listing of positions on the intranet. The intranet is available only to enrolled students. 

Wages are paid from institutional funds as well as from the Federal Work-Study Program. Off-campus placements in eligible non-profit and community service agencies are available to students who qualify for Federal Work-Study funds. Students must also secure these jobs, and the off-campus agency is required to pay a percentage of the students’ wages.

Only students who have work-study as part of their financial aid awards are allowed to work on campus or in one of the eligible off campus agencies. Students apply for employment eligibility by completing the FAFSA. We wish we could offer employment opportunities to any student who wished to work on campus. Student positions are limited, however, and must be reserved for those students who have demonstrated the need for employment to meet their educational expenses.


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