Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference

Previous Conferences

2011 Keynote Speaker: Michelle Tea

2012 Keynote Speakers: Rev. Irene Monroe and Qwo-Li Driskill

2013 Keynote Sepaker: José Esteban Muñoz

2014 Keynote Speakers: Tristan Taormino and Jiz Lee

2015 Keynote Speakers: Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, and Lourdes Hunter  

2016 Keynote Speakers: J Mase III, Olympia Perez, and Sasha Alexander        

2017 Keynote Speakers: T.J. Jourian, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, and Morgan M Page                         

2018 Keynote Speaker: Aishah Simmons

A sampling of previously offered workshops and panels:

  • Ace and Grace Space
  • Anti-Racism in the Queer Community
  • BDSM 101: Whip Yourself Into Shape!
  • Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality
  • Bisexuals Creating Fabulous Relationships
  • Body to Body Impact Play (Room 108)
  • Creating Safe Classrooms for Youth
  • Crip Sex
  • Day-to-Day Poly
  • The Digital Bathroom Wall: LGBT Students' Experiences with Electronic Aggression
  • Double Edge: Transgender and BDSM
  • Explorations in Nonmonogamy
  • Fat and Queer
  • Fem(me)inism; Politics/Theory/Art
  • Five College LGBTQ+ Student Group Leader Caucus
  • Forging Your Radical Trans Identity/Know Your Trans Rights
  • Gender Non-Conforming Therapy Clients: Assisting With Transition in the Shadow of the DSM
  • Gender Non-Conformity Within Trans Communities Caucus
  • A Healthy Queer is a Happy Queer: Getting the Care You Deserve...Down There
  • High School Student Caucus
  • Honey I'm: Coming Out to a Romantic Partner
  • How to be a Great Ally
  • How to Holla Back: An Introduction to Combating Street Harassment
  • Intersections of Kink, BDSM, and Radical Politics
  • Intersex 101: Similarities and Differences with Intersex And Trans People
  • Intro to Creative Rope Play
  • Intro to Queer Poetry
  • Laughter is a Revolutionary Gesture: Using Humor As Self Care
  • Let's Talk About [Safe] Sex
  • Mapping the Intersections of Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Navigating Poly
  • Names We've Been Denied: Queer Diaspora and the Search for Home
  • On the RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink and Kink Sensitivity
  • One in a Minyan: A Queer Jews Caucus
  • "One of the Boys": The Tomboys of Tween TV
  • Performing the Queer Revolution: Theatre and Queer Activism
  • Poly BDSM
  • Qs About the T
  • Queer and Trans Parenting
  • Queer Bodies
  • Queer Consent
  • Queer Ecology, Intersecting Environmental Justice, and Queer Theory  
  • Queer International and People of Color Caucus
  • Queer Open Mic
  • Queer Science
  • Queer Spirituality
  • Queering Education for Teachers, Instructors, and Activists
  • Queering Masculine Genders: Addressing Trans-Masculinity in Queer Culture
  • Queering the Page and the Stage
  • Radical Mental Health
  • Radical Mental Health Qs About the T
  • Rope Basics: A Beginners' Knot and Bondage Workshop
  • Safely Queer Sex Ed
  • Self Defense 
  • Sexpert Caucus
  • Struggle and Solidarity in Queer Interracial Relationships
  • Tel Aviv Clubs and West Bank Checkpoints: The Politics of Being Fabulous in the Holy Land
  • Transitioning Gender
  • Transitioning With A Third Gender Identity
  • Trans 101
  • Visualizing Sexual Self-Identity: Gender's Big Bang
  • Younger Queers and Today's LGBT Older Adults: Language and Life Experiences

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