Resources for Current Students

This page is your easy link to all the important housing instructions, forms, and applications you'll need while you are a resident at Hampshire College. 

Changing Rooms: Room assignments are made for the entire year, and students should expect to stay in their current room assignment until the spring term ends, or they go on leave/field-study/exchange. If you are hoping to change your room assignment during the year, please refer to our page about room changes. Students who feel their current living situation is untenable should meet with their area coordinator or residence director to discuss these circumstances.

Guest Registration: *Please note that due to COVID-19 safety needs, off-campus guests are NOT permitted at this time.* Any student wishing to host a guest on campus must fill out the guest registration form. You and your guest must abide by the guest policy, as well as all other community norms. The timing of guests' visits will determine if they require a parking permit. Visitors must park in designated visitor parking.

Housing Designations: Find out more about joining or creating the residential environment most conducive to your education.

Housing Operations Office: If you lose your keys, need a temporary ID card, or have any questions regarding current or future housing, visit the housing operations office.

January Residency: *Please note due to COVID-19, these programs may be changed for the 2020-21 academic year.* Students will not be permitted to reside on campus until the beginning of the spring semester except for the circumstances described on this page.

Living Off Campus: Hampshire is a residential campus, and therefore requires students to live on campus. In certain circumstances, however, students may be granted an exemption to this requirement.

The Lottery: The spring housing lottery is your chance to pick your room for the upcoming year. Our guide to the lottery process will tell you how to form a group, help you calculate your lottery points, and tell you how to register your group to try and win the mod of your dreams!

Maintenance/Repair: Find instructions on how to enter a work order for your room or common area. For emergency facilities needs after business hours, please call campus safety and security at 413.559.5424.

Meal Plans: Dining services are provided by On-Campus Dining Services Detailed information on meal plan options are available on TheHub. Students in the dorms are required to be on a full meal plan. Students with special dietary requirements, including those with food allergies, may contact Nick Mason, interim dining services director, at to discuss accommodations. Students living in the mods are required to be on at least a 75-block meal plan, in addition to the Cafe Card. Students may manage their meal plan options via TheHub.

Social Event Registration: *Please note that due to COVID-19 safety needs, there are occupancy limits for residential spaces and off-campus guests are NOT permitted at this time.* In order to host a social event in your Mod, please complete the online Social Event Registration Form. Please note, that registered social events are only allowed in Mod style residences, and you must arrange an in-person meeting with Residence Life staff before your event can be approved. For more information about residential social events, please visit this section of the student handbook.

Substance-Free Housing: Hampshire is dedicated to providing a number of substance-free spaces every year in the dorms and mods. The first step in the process is registering for substance-free status through the housing operations office.

Summer Research Students: *Please note due to COVID-19, these programs may be changed for the 2020-21 academic year.* Hampshire offers limited summer housing on campus for selected students involved in research projects with faculty.

Storage Facilities: We strongly encourage students to use off-campus storage instead of relying on the limited on-campus space. We provide a list of local storage companies for your convenience. Please note that we are not endorsing these companies, but only providing contact information to make your search easier. It is still your responsibility to check the facility out before storing your items there.