Funding for Projects and Internships

Hampshire alumni and friends of the College have generously donated funds to support students' Div II and Div III work and summer internships. Each grant or award has its own application process. There are also grants available from outside Hampshire, some of which are listed here. Please be aware of deadlines and eligibility requirements.

Master list of all grants offered by Hampshire College

This list includes a description of each grant, eligibility, and links to application and contact information.

View Master List of Hampshire Grants

Community Commons Summer Grants Shared Application

In order to make the application process easier for students, these grants use a shared application. Please note that not all Hampshire grants are included in the shared application.

View and apply for Community Commons Grants


Grants Through the SPARC: Supporting your Purpose through Action, Resources, and Community

Fulbright Scholar Program

Now managed by the Global Education Office!

Post-grad fellowship for graduate study, advanced research, university teaching, and primary and secondary school teaching worldwide.

Select Outside Funding for Undergraduates

List of some funding opportunities for current students from outside Hampshire College.

Postgraduate Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

List of some funding opportunities for alumni from outside Hampshire College.

Additional Funding Search Sites

Links to additional grant funding research sites.