Social Justice Summer Grants

Hampshire offers students the opportunity to apply for funding for social-justice-related summer internships and projects through a centralized online application process.

Social Justice Summer Grants 2016: Deadline April 4

Social Justice Summer Grant Application

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How to Apply

  1. In order to apply, you will need to have a specific internship or Div II/II project in mind. If you want to apply for funding for more than one simultaneous project or internship, please seek advice on how to proceed. Once you have an internship or project in mind, you can determine which grants to apply for.
  2. Find out more details about each grant by clicking "learn more" in the list below of grants that are part of this shared application process. Determine which grants match your eligibility and internship/project. You may apply for as many grants as you qualify for.
  3. Talk with your faculty and your internship supervisor (if you are doing an internship) about the statement(s) of support you will need in order to apply for funding. The statements are simple online forms. Email a link to this page to your faculty and internship supervisor with your request that they submit the appropriate form above. The forms must be submitted in order for your application to be considered.
  4. View the sample application (.docx) to familiarize yourself with the questions you will be asked in the online application. Note that the online application is responsive to your selections, so you will only be responsible for questions related to your situation. You may use the sample application to type your responses; however, you must transfer your responses to the online application in order to submit it. We strongly suggest you prepare your answers in a separate document before beginning the online application.
  5. Complete the online application by the deadline. Check with your faculty and internship supervisor to make sure they have submitted their statements of support. It is your responsibility to work with them to make sure this happens.
  6. You may check with the contact person for ONE of the grants you are applying for to make sure all your forms have been received. If it was received by one, it was received by all.

Application Tip:

To get your statements of support, have a conversation with your faculty member and internship supervisor (if you are doing an internship), explaining that you are applying for grant funding and asking if they would be willing to fill out a brief online statement of support for you. Send them an email with a link to this page and instructions on which form to submit. You can help them by saying "click the yellow button" or "click the purple button" as appropriate. Explain that this is a required part of your application for grant funding, without which you will not be eligible. Give them plenty of time (2-4 weeks if possible), and ask them to notify you when they have submitted the form. Be very clear about the deadline, and it is okay to email gentle reminders. Remember to express your gratitude for their help!


If you have a question about the application process or a technical issue, please contact Sharón Friedner at, or the Career Options Resource Center at

Social Justice Summer Grant List

CPSC Social Justice Scholars

Contact: Mary Bombardier
Description: Assists students with the costs of interning for nonprofit organizations of their choice in the U.S.A. whose work must be social justice/social change-oriented. The internship must also relate to and inform the students' Division II academic work.
Award: Up to $3000
Eligibility: Hampshire College students at the Division II level and on financial aid.

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Charley Richardson 70F Award 

Contact: Sharόn Friedner
Description: Funding to support students doing a project or internship in an area central to Charley Richardson's philosophy, ideals, and activism such as: labor organizing, occupational health and safety, and peace studies.
Award: Up to $1800
Eligibility: Hampshire College students in good academic standing

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Ethics and the Common Good Summer Internship Award

Contact: Teal Van Dyck
Description: The Ethics and the Common Good Project offers grant funding up to $3,500 to assist current students with the cost of living while interning for a mission-driven organization of their choice. The organization’s mission must be aligned with the Ethics and the Common Good Project’s mission and values, and the proposed internship must be an integral part of the students' academic work. 
Award: Up to $3500
Eligibility: Div II and III students in good academic standing. Priority given to Division II students on financial aid.

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Global Migrations Internship Grant

Contact: Lili Kim, Uditi Sen
Description: Assists students with the costs of interning for nonprofit, non-governmental organizations concerned with transnational migration, human rights, citizenship, security, and other social justice issues that arise from the movements of persons across national and cultural boundaries.
Award: Up to $1000
Eligibility: Hampshire College students at the Division II or III level.

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Human Rights Fund

Contact: Ernie Alleva
Description: Funding to support students doing a Division II or III project or internship that directly supports, examines, or raises awareness of human rights or social justice.
Award: Up to $1000
Eligibility: Hampshire College students with demonstrated financial need doing Division II or III work in any school or field

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James Baldwin Div II and Div III Internship Grant

Contact: Karina Fernandez
Description: Assists Division II and III James Baldwin Scholars with the costs of doing an unpaid/underpaid internship that relates directly to the student's academic goals and career interests.
Award: Up to $3000
Eligibility: Division II and III James Baldwin Scholars in good academic standing

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Lester J. Mazor Endowed Fund

Contact: Jennifer Hamilton
Description: Assists students by defraying living expenses and related costs for internships with law-related nonprofit organizations in the U.S.A. or abroad. The student's internship should be social justice-oriented and relate to some aspect of the law, legal institutions, or legislation, though it need not be in a specifically legal setting. The internship should relate to and inform the student's Division II or Division III studies.
Award: Up to $2500
Eligibility: Hampshire College Div II students and students transitioning between Div II and III. Those on financial aid will be prioritized.

(No more information is available; please use the process above to apply.)

Smith-Barr Internship Award

Contact: Sharόn Friedner
Description: Funding from the Iris Barr and the Professor Emeritus David Smith Internship Awards have been combined to provide one larger award to support an internship with an organization focused on the environment, environmental sustainability, or indigenous communities in either the U.S.A. or the developing world.
Award: Up to $2600
Eligibility: Hampshire College Students in good academic standing who are currently receiving financial aid (or can otherwise demonstrate financial need).

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