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Apply for Financial Aid

Transfer Students
Hampshire is committed to making its programs accessible through a generous financial aid program.

More than half of Hampshire students receive need-based financial aid. Packages range from $9,000 to $50,000 per year. 

You must apply for financial aid at the same time that you apply for admission and provide all of the application materials by the deadline to be considered for an award. 

Apply Now for Financial Aid

Hampshire's financial aid program is designed to supplement the family's contribution toward the costs of a Hampshire education.

Aid awards are packaged to include

  • a work-study opportunity
  • a student loan
  • grant assistance

Regardless of whether they apply for need-based financial aid, all transfer students are also considered for merit scholarships worth up to $10,000 per year.

Financial aid awards are renewable each year you are enrolled as long as you continue to demonstrate need and are making satisfactory progress.

You have to reapply for aid each year; if your family's financial situation remains the same, you can expect a similar award annually. Each year we will also reevaluate the amount you are asked to contribute from your income and through loans and on-campus employment. This self-help portion of your award will increase each year.

Applicants who do not receive aid when they are admitted must pay for the first two semesters of enrollment on their own.

No financial aid is available for those seeking a second bachelor's degree.

Homeschooled Students or Students Without a High School Diploma

Federal regulations require students to possess a high school diploma, or its equivalent, to be eligible for financial aid. Hampshire College follows the same policy with regard to aid eligibility. The equivalents to a high school diploma are:

  • a GED; or
  • a state-issued certificate of completion of a homeschool program. If a state-issued credential is not available, we would need a document that certifies that the student's homeschool program qualified as an exemption from their state's compulsory attendance requirement for the time the student would have attended high school. This may be a letter certifying the exemption written by the superintendent of schools from the student's local public school district. The state-issued credential or the school district superintendent's letter must be sent directly to the financial aid office for review.


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Colleges that Change Lives

Hampshire College is a member of Colleges that Change Lives, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.

"There are two reasons why Hampshire graduates achieve so much. One is the kind of person the college attracts. The other is what the college does for them by equipping them to become their own wide-ranging explorers and connection-seekers." —Loren Pope, Colleges that Change Lives (2006)