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Campus Safety and Security

The Hampshire College department of campus safety and security provides services and protection to all members of the College community, including its visitors and guests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Location and Contact:

The office of campus safety and security is located on the ground floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library Center.

  • For administrative, parking, and lost and found questions: dial 413.559.6151 or email campussafety@hampshire.edu
  • For non-life threatening matters that require the immediate assistance of a campus safety and security officer: Dial 413.559.5424
  • In an emergency, from a campus hard line or cell phone: Dial 911
  • Using your TTY: Call MassRelay at 711 or 800.439.2370
  • Speech-to-Speech (for clarity): Call MassRelay STS at 866.645.9870

About Campus Safety and Security

Hampshire College maintains a park-like beauty and peacefulness. Like any other campus, however, it is not immune to public safety issues. We are therefore providing this overview of the campus safety services and programs available to you and to urge you to act responsibly and help promote public safety on campus.

The main purpose of the department is to support the learning and work of the community by protecting life and property and providing services to support our campus student, faculty, staff, and visitors. Campus safety and security staff patrol the campus round-the-clock on foot, on specially equipped mountain bikes, or in cruisers.

The department's officers are trained professionals. Each officer is certified yearly in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and First Responder. Each also receives training in bias, civil rights and diversity, sexual assault response, and investigation, OSHA, campus accessibility, mental health crisis intervention, fire safety, student conduct rights and responsibilities, and many more hours on the specific needs and operational systems of our campus.

Campus Safety and Security Administrative Staff:  (DO NOT call x5424 to reach administrators in CSS office)

Our Campus Safety and Security Officers

  • Noah Parker (he, him)
  • Keian Ruscetta (he, him)
  • Wanda Vasquez (she, her)
  • Ed Wyzik (he, him)
  • Chris Kain (he, him)
  • Baker Al Janabi (he, him)
  • Craig Nielsen (he, him)
  • Ken Jensen (he/him)

The department maintains working relationships with the College and the Amherst and Hadley police departments, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Northwestern District Attorney's office.

The department's officers are trained professionals. Each officer is certified yearly in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and First Responder. Each also attends a training session on civil rights and diversity, and several officers have been certified by the state as sexual assault investigators.

The department of campus safety and security is responsible for protecting people and property on the Hampshire College campus. The department should be alerted to any situation that threatens a safe academic and social environment.

Our mission is to work in partnership with all the members of our communities to foster a relationship of trust and cooperation in order to provide a safe and welcoming environment that is consistent with the values and goals of our college communities.

The department will accomplish this mission through its commitment to community policing, an organizational culture that respects and protects the civil rights of all individuals, adherence to the principles of accountability and transparency, and the retention and professional development of our personnel.

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