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Applying for Financial Aid

For international students 

Steps to Applying for Financial Aid

1. Apply by the appropriate due date.


Admission Type PROFILE and
NonCustodial PROFILE*
Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Early Decision I
(Fall 2015)
Nov. 15 March 1  
Early Decision II
(Fall 2015)
Jan. 1 March 1  
Early Action
(Fall 2015)
Dec. 1 March 1  
Regular Decision
(Fall 2015)
Feb. 1 Feb. 1  
Transfer Students
(Fall 2015)
March 15 March 15  
First-Year and Transfer
(Spring 2015)
Nov. 1 Nov. 1  


2. Submit required forms.

We use the FAFSA to determine eligibility for various federal and state aid programs including federal student loans, federal and state grants, and federal work study. We use the CSS Profile, in addition to the FAFSA, to help determine eligibility for institutional aid including the Hampshire Grant.

  • CSS Profile We use this form, along with the FAFSA, to help determine your eligibility for Hampshire College aid including the Hampshire Grant. Complete the PROFILE Application online as soon as possible, using estimates if necessary. If your biological or adoptive parents are not together the parent, with whom you reside or provides more financial support, completes the Profile. The other parent will need to complete the Non-custodial Profile; see #3 below.  Click here for more information about the Profile.   NOTE:  if you are not planning to apply for institutional need based aid, the CSS Profile is not required; please notify the financial aid office if this is the case.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) This form determines your eligibility for federal and state aid including federal work study, federal loans, federal grants, and state grants. Click here for more information about the FAFSA. International student applicants do not submit this form.

3. Submit any other required supplemental forms.

  • Non-custodial Profile This form is required if your biological or adoptive parents are separated, divorced, or never married and not living together. If applicable, both Profiles are required to complete your financial aid application for institutional aid. The Non-custodial Profile is available online using the password obtained by registering for the Profile. The non-custodial parent should complete the form online as soon as possible, using estimates if necessary.
  • High School Diploma Equivalents Due to federal regulations governing financial aid, if you will not be receiving a high school diploma and you wish to be considered for financial assistance, you must submit an equivalent to the admissions office. 
  • IRS 1040 Federal Tax Returns The financial aid office does not require federal tax returns of all families. We reserve the right to request full or partial returns in certain cases. You will be notified by letter and/or email if federal tax returns are required to complete your financial aid application. The request will also be listed in your individual account on the Hub. Please DO NOT send us your tax returns unless we specifically request a copy.
  • Verification Documents If your FAFSA report is selected for the Verification process you will need to send the financial aid office additional forms. Check TheHub to see what forms are required.

4. Make Sure You Haven't Missed Anything.

You and your parents must complete all of the necessary forms. Remember that different forms are submitted to different places, and that you must allow for sufficient mail and processing time to meet deadlines. We strongly suggest that you keep a copy of everything you submit.

It is important for students to use the same name and correct Social Security number on all application materials. The name used must match the name on the Social Security card. Please put the student's name on the top of each form you submit to our office.

Applicants who do not receive aid at the time of admission must be prepared to pay for the first two semesters of enrollment. The earliest that we can accept a new application will be for the second year of enrollment (third semester). Financial aid is not available for students who seek a second bachelor's degree.

Consider applying for an outside scholarship. Learn more about outside scholarships.

Students may check the status of their financial aid application and forms needed to complete it by logging into The Hub; click on the "My Financial Aid" link. Please allow a few days for the office to update your Hub account after you submit a required document during our busiest processing time: December through March.

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