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Campus Police

  Campus Emergencies

Dial x 1-911 or x 5555 from a campus phone (both will connect to dispatch)

Cell phone users, please program the number for Campus Police-- 413.559.5424 --in your phone in case of emergency.

Using your TTY, call MassRelay at 711 or 800.439.2370
Speech-to-Speech (for clarity) Call MassRelay STS at 866.645.9870


Welcome to the Hampshire College campus police website. Here you will find a wealth of information that will help you become knowledgeable about crime prevention and the campus police role at Hampshire College.

Hampshire College maintains a parklike beauty and peacefulness. Like any other campus, however, it is not immune to public safety issues.

We are therefore providing this website to inform you of the campus safety services and programs available to you and to urge you to act responsibly and help promote public safety on campus.

The Hampshire College campus police department provides protection and services to all members of the College community, including its visitors and guests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The campus police department is located on the ground floor of the Harold F. Johnson Library Center.

As the main purpose of the campus police department is to protect life and property. Officers patrol the campus round-the-clock on foot, on specially equipped mountain bikes, or in cruisers.

The department's 16 full-time officers are trained professionals. They have police powers on College property (as granted under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 22C, Section 63). All officers must complete training as mandated by the Massachusetts State Police.

Moreover, each officer is certified yearly in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first-aid techniques, and every three years in first-responder skills. Each also attends a training session on civil rights and diversity, and four officers have been certified by the state as sexual assault investigators.

The department maintains close working relationships with the College and the Amherst and Hadley police departments, the Massachusetts State Police, and the Northwestern District Attorney's office.

The campus police department is responsible for protecting people and property on the Hampshire College campus. The department should be alerted to any situation that threatens a safe academic and social environment.



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