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Wellness Programs and Services

The Wellness Center (Well) offers ongoing programs as well as a number of one-time events throughout the semester. Keep your eyes open for advertising, sign up for ourĀ newsletter, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or drop by to have a cup of tea and find out what's happening.

October 2021 Note: The building is currently getting an exciting refresh but will be open soon, so stay tuned for updates on the grand (re)opening! In the meantime we are offering resources, programs and events at various locations around campus.

Relaxation and Guided Meditation Links

Click on the links below to listen or download a guided meditation shown to improve well-being, learn a relaxing breathing technique, or be led through a progressive relaxation. Read by a Hampshire student, 2010.

The Light Boxes

WELL offers light boxes available for use by students who experience mood and energy changes associated with the reduced daylight hours of fall and winter. Recommended use is about 30 minutes per day. The larger light box can be used at Well, and the smaller light boxes can be signed out with a student I.D.

Biofeedback Devices

We have biofeedback devices that give you audiovisual signals to help regulate breathing and promote relaxation. These can be signed out with a student I.D. We recommend scheduling an appointment with Counseling Services to learn more about how biofeedback devices might be most helpful for you.

Safer Sex Supplies

WELL distributes safer sex supplies (condoms, dental dams, gloves, and lube) to the area offices on a monthly basis, or you can stop by the center to pick up your own supplies or even order them for discreet delivery right to your campus mailbox. We also have lots of information on consent, safer sex, contraceptive options, STIs, and sexual health.

"Kick Butts" Smoking/Vaping Cessation Kits

Order a kit for free delivery to your mailbox, and check out other resourcesĀ to support you in successfully achieving your goals, whether it's to cut back or to quit smoking/vaping.

Lending Library and Zines/Brochures Galore!

Well has a growing library of books on a range of health-related topics, including: body image and eating disorders; sexual health; depression and suicidal thoughts; sexual and relationship violence; and alternative health modalities. You may come in to browse or borrow, and we welcome suggestions for additions to the library. We also have a wealth of brochures, handouts, and posters free for the taking, including information from local community organizations.

Club Tub (offline for Fall 2021)

For COVID safety, the Club Tub is currently closed but we look forward to reopening in the future! The Club Tub is a clean, private bathtub, complete with bubbles, available to students suffering from tub withdrawal. Don't forget to BYOT (bring your own towel). The Club Tub is located in the bathroom off the Sunroom (2nd floor, up a flight of stairs).

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