Get Started

1. GEO Info Session/Peer Advising

Get an overview of the study abroad options and processes by reviewing the program types on our website. You can also schedule to learn the basics with a peer advisor. View GEO’s Calendar for a schedule of info sessions and events this semester.

You can also email or call at 413.559.5542 at any time with your initial questions.

2. Goals and Challenges

Planning your first study abroad experience? Use these resources to help you think through your goals and priorities, determine the right program for you, and understand the importance of setting realistic expectations: 

3. Research Options

Whether you want to find an internship, apply to a study abroad program, direct enroll in a university, or self-design a semester of field research, there are many resources to help you investigate the wide variety of opportunities available.

4. Finances and Funding

We encourage students to plan in advance in order to identify study abroad options and to think about any financial challenges to their global endeavors. There are many resources available to learn about program costs and funding possibilities.

  • Review info at: Finances and Funding to gain an overview of the fee structure for different programs.
  • Develop a budget: Understand the fee structure, program costs, and travel-related expenses.
  • Ask yourself: How much of your financial aid will apply? What study abroad scholarships are available?

5.  Seek Expert Advice

  • Faculty Advisors: We encourage you to start speaking with your divisional advisor as soon as you begin to consider studying off-campus. Not only are faculty a valuable resource regarding options in their academic field, they will also need to approve any academic work you are planning to incorporate into your program of study. 
  • The Global Education Office (GEO): We have a breadth of experience and knowledge about Hampshire’s programs as well as the wide variety of opportunities that are available to you. We can help you find a program that meets your personal and academic goals, fits within your budget, and meets any special needs or concerns you may have.
  • The Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA): Make sure you meet with an advisor in CASA to discuss your plans and confirm they will meet academic eligibility and divisional requirements.
  • The Financial Aid Office: Consult with the financial aid office to determine the exact terms and conditions of your aid package and how it may apply to your study abroad program.
  • Friends and Family: Discuss your plans with your support system.

6. Develop a Timeline

Review Hampshire’s deadlines and application instructions for Exchange ProgramsField Study, or Short-Term Field Courses, program-specific deadlines, passport application deadlines, and financial aid/scholarship deadlines. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and turn in all application materials.