Alumni, Get Involved!

Students love the opportunity to meet alumni who share their interests, and to learn what it takes to create the future they imagine. Connections to resources, opportunities, and mentors are crucial in today's complex career landscape.

Offer an Internship or Job

There are countless internships and jobs out there, but your endorsement means a lot, and it's especially useful if you are willing to answer questions from potential Hampshire applicants. If you are able to provide close supervision and/or mentorship in a job or internship situation, even better!

Hire Hampshire

Alum 1-2-1

Meet with individual students who share your interests, either on campus or via video chat. Students love this program and the opportunity to talk directly with someone who is doing something they might want to try.

Learn More

"Getting Started" Info Sessions

Offer a lunch or dinner talk for students (we provide the food) that would help them understand how they could get into a career similar to yours. For example "Getting Started in..." or "How to become a..." or "Is _____ for you?" Students are really interested in knowing what specific skills and experiences they should build in order to do what you're doing, as well as how viable it is and what challenges (and rewards) they should anticipate. We'd be happy to work with you to come up with a topic and a description that would appeal to students. Contact SPARC with your idea for an info session.

Experiential Workshops

Offer an interactive skills-based or experiential workshop. For example, one alum offered a "pitch fest" where students had the opportunity to pitch their idea for a film and get a critique on their pitch. Another alum offered an interactive somatics workshop where students learned body-based ways of dealing with stress. The possibilities for sharing your skills in a fun, practical, and engaging way are endless! SPARC staff are here to help you with the concept and logistics.

Other Ideas

We are open to your ideas. If you have something you'd like to offer, please contact us. We love to find new and innovative ways to connect alumni with students.

Get in touch!

You can reach us at or 413.559.5445. We can't wait to talk with you.