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At SPARC, we recognize that students with diverse social identities often experience unjust barriers or have distinct needs when identifying potential employers or opportunities, navigating professional environments, or cultivating networks and connections.

It is our hope that the identity based resources provided here will serve as a tool to amplify opportunity and foster greater equity as you explore the internship and job landscape.  SPARC's student ambassadors put a lot of love into compiling these resources, and SPARC is committed to the continuous expansion of services and programming that promote justice, equity and anti-racism. 

We recognize these lists are merely a launchpad, and by no means exhaustive. Therefore, we strongly encourage students and colleagues to  share any suggestions, visions, and/or current resources you might have to support students with diverse social identities.  



Student Resources

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From bias in hiring to finding a workplace culture that fosters a sense of genuine belonging, BIPOC students often face unique challenges in securing an ideal job or internship. While not exhaustive, these resources aim to support a strengths based approach to your search process.

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Person running with flag that says, "Land of the Dreamer."


SPARC is dedicated to helping all DREAMers and undocumented students find their dream job. While not exhaustive, we've put together a list of resources to guide your job and internship search, help you cultivate a solid support network, and make sure you understand your employment rights.

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Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities, whether visible or invisible, can face unwarranted and sometimes even illegal discrimination during the job search process and in the workplace. We've compiled a short list of resources to make sure you know your rights and find an employer who respects them!

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Student with service animal working on a laptop.


Neurodiverse folks have unique talents and skills to share with the world, but don't always get the support they need to succeed at work. SPARC has compiled some select resources to help neurodiverse individuals overcome barriers to employment and find workplaces that honor and amplify their abilities and accommodate their differences.

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Students and alums seeking employment outside of their home country often face the extra hurdle of obtaining a work visa. We've compiled some helpful resources to expand your job search among employers who will sponsor or hire those with time-limited work authorization.

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Rainbow Boots


Whether you consider your identity as a LGBTQIA+ person a central aspect of your professional path or not, we've compiled numerous resources to support you. Here you'll find job search sites for LBGTQ+ friendly workplace communities, guides to affinity and advocacy groups, and some links to legal resources to protect you from discrimination on the basis of your identity.

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