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Creative Curriculum

A transition that provides Hampshire's extraordinary faculty and intrepid students time and resources to develop and experiment with courses and projects that spark discovery and solve problems in the connections among mind, art, science, health, enterprise, and social change in the anthropocene era, and challenge students in every discipline to consider their role in human survival.

The Food, Farm, and Sustainability Institute
The Food, Farm, and Sustainability Institute at Hampshire College is an interdisciplinary academic program focusing on food production and sustainable agriculture, centered at the vibrant Hampshire College Farm.

Sample Areas of Study

 Recent Courses at Hampshire

  • Advanced Topics in Terrestrial Ecology
  • Agriculture, Food, and Human Health
  • Behavioral Ecology of Birds
  • Biomass Energy
  • Cognitive Ethology
  • The Contested American Countryside
  • Crafting a Sustainable Design Lens
  • Designing the Post-Suburban Community
  • Economics and the Environment
  • Kitchen Ecology
  • Law, Identity, and Bioscience
  • The Microbial Farm
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Soil: Science and Society
  • Zero Impact House

 Recent Student Projects

  • Natural Building
  • Learning for Our Future: Moving Towards a Sustainable Worldview
  • Tropical Reforestation
  • Wetland Biogeochemistry and Climate Change
  • Ecology and Management of Three Caribbean Fisheries
  • Enviro-Education at a School in the Woods: an Ethnographic Journey
  • Where the River Runs Dry: An Analysis of the Ecological and Socioeconomic Impacts of Large Dams on the Indus Delta
  • Path of the Dharma Farmer: Seeking a Sustainable Spirituality
  • You Are Where You Eat: Pedagogy for an Eco-Justice, Health-Oriented Sense of Place

Five College Programs and Certificates

Tim Harkness Fund for Invention
The Hampshire College Tim Harkness Fund for invention awards grants for innovative work in applied design and invention, especially in areas of sustainability and renewable energy.

By one estimate, the amount of new technical information doubles every two years, and 70 percent of today's students will end up in jobs not yet invented. They will struggle to solve problems we do not yet understand, collaborating with people on multiple continents through institutions not yet created.







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