Get Started

1. Attend an information session

Get an overview of the process of studying abroad and the opportunities available at our Navigating Study Abroad info session. View GEO’s Calendar for a schedule of info sessions and events this semester.

2. Determine your goals and priorities

Planning your first study abroad experience? Use these resources to help you think through your goals, determine the right program for you, and understand the importance of setting realistic expectations: 

3. Research your options

Whether you want to find an internship, apply to a study abroad program, direct enroll in a university, or self-design a semester of field research, there are many resources available to help you investigate the wide variety of opportunities available.

  • Discover the possibilities: Consider a Hampshire-sponsored Exchange Programlearn about semester field study options, or review the off-campus courses being offered this January and summer.
  • Talk to returned students and study abroad program providers: GEO hosts lunchtime info tables throughout the year. See GEO's Calendar for an up-to-date schedule of who's coming to campus 
  • Determine eligibility requirements and prerequisites: Hampshire’s eligibility requirements for off-campus study are listed in the Exchange, Field Study, and Short-term Field Course section of the Hampshire College Handbook. Each program may have its own eligibility restrictions and prerequisites.  Reviewing these early will enable you to plan ahead.
  • Develop a budget: Review program costs, understand how your financial aid may apply, and learn about scholarships, grants and other funding options under Finances and Funding.

4. Get others on board

  • Faculty Advisors: We encourage you to start speaking with your divisional advisor as soon as you begin to consider studying off-campus. Not only are faculty a valuable resource regarding options in their academic field, they will also need to approve any academic work you are planning to incorporate into your program of study. 
  • The global education office (GEO): We have a breadth of experience and knowledge about Hampshire’s programs as well as the wide variety of opportunities that are available to you. We can work with you to find a program that meets your personal and academic goals, fits within your budget, and meets any special needs or concerns you may have.
  • The center for academic support and advising (CASA): Make sure you meet with an advisor in CASA to discuss your plans and make sure you will meet academic eligibility and divisional requirements.
  • The financial aid office: Consult with the financial aid office to determine the exact terms and conditions your aid package and how it may apply to your study abroad program.

5. Check deadlines and application requirements

Review Hampshire’s deadlines and application instructions for Exchange programsField Study, or Short-term Field courses, program specific deadlines, passport application deadlines, and financial aid/scholarship deadlines. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and turn in all application materials.

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