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Add a New Contact Us Section

Hover your mouse over "Content" in the admin toolbar until you see a pop-up menu, then hover over "Add Content" and choose "Contact Block."


Fill in your information and click "Save".

  • Give it a title that makes sense and that you will remember later; this is what you will search for when it's time to add this new contact block to a page.
  • You'll need to assign a Section in the Section field. This should ideally match the section that your other web pages are assigned to (usually your department or division) because it determines who has access to edit it.
  • It's fine to leave some fields blank if they don't apply to you (i.e. toll-free phone number, etc).


You'll see your contact block.

  • Note that some field labels will not show up on this screen but WILL show up in the live website. For example, fax numbers will have a “Fax:” label.
  • If you need to make changes, you can click the edit tab.
  • You can now go to a regular Drupal page and add this contact block to it. See our "Editing Existing Pages" section.
  • Contact blocks do not go through the workflow process, so all changes will appear immediately.
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