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Create a New Page

This is how to get started on creating a brand-new page. A brand-new page will simply float, unattached to anything, in the Drupal ether. Once it's created, you'll want to link TO it from another existing page.

Email after creating a new page and let us know where it should be added to the menu structure.

Hover Mouse over "Content" link until you see pop-up menu, then hover over Add Content and Click "Generic Page".

See our section on Editing Pages and Text and Formatting to create your page content.

Pick a Section.

  • Assigning the section is going to affect who has access to edit the page and what the URL path of the page is, so for example a page in the IT section is going to have a URL of
  • If your pages live in a department or program that is perhaps under the umbrella of another department or division, and you don’t see your specific program here as a section, get in touch with If you’re fine with your page just living in the section of your umbrella department, that is totally fine too.

Add a "Contact Us" Section.

Click Save.


To submit this page to workflow, select "Needs Review" and Click "Apply".


Woops- need to make more changes? Go ahead and click the "Edit Draft" tab.

Link to It!

  • Right now this page might be published out, but it’s not actually LINKED to from anywhere.
  • To link to it, view the page, and the address you see here is the URL you will want to add as a link on another existing Drupal page.
  • We suggest emailing if you create new pages and need them added to the menu structure. Pages that are not part of the menu structure will not have breadcrumbs.
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