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Editing an Existing Page

Navigate through the website until you get to the page you want to edit. You should see a row of tabs above the text area.

You’ll only have access to edit certain parts of the website. If you don’t see the tabs on a page you need to edit, email

When you get to the page you want to make changes to, hit the New Draft tab.

This takes us to the editing screen.

You can change the title and/or pick a different header image. To choose a new header image, hit the Remove button to remove the existing image from the page, then hit the Browse button.

Header images are maintained by staff in the communications office. You can use any existing header image in the system, but if you have a particular photo you'd like turned into a header image, please email

Header images can be set to display the page title to the left of the header image, to the right, or not at all (header images "wide" will display the page title below the image). It is recommended to use wide header images on most pages.

The Opening Top Text section is for a short blurb of text that will appear in a slightly larger font at the top of your page. It's good for a short introductory sentence or tagline, if you have one, otherwise leave this field blank.

The Body Text section is where most of your text will live. See our text and formatting tips for working in this section.

You can add a sidebar with related links to your page, called a Sidebar Link List.  To do so, first enter a title for the whole list in the box below the main text field. 

Below, there is an area where you can add your links.  Each link must have a title (what the user will actually see on your page) and a destination URL. You can rearrange the order your links will appear in by clicking and dragging the crosshair-shaped icon on the left.

If you want to link to a file, follow the instructions for linking to a file from text. Instead of choosing the OK button at the end, copy the URL from the Link window, choose the Cancel button, then paste the URL into the Sidebar Link List URL field. If the URL looks something like "/sites/default/files/yourfilename.pdf" then be sure to add "" at the beginning of the URL so that it looks like "" instead.

Pick a new color "theme" for your page. The color theme field at the bottom of the page when editing in Drupal will determine the color of links on the page, the color of any call to action items on the page, as well as the color of the gradient that appears below the header image and subnavigation.

Below the Text Editor is the Section required field.

  • If this is an existing page, it will probably have a section assigned already. All pages need to have a section assigned.
  • Assigning the section is going to affect who else has access to the page and what the URL path of the page is. For example, a page assigned the IT section can be edited by anyone who has access to the IT section, and the URL of the page will be "".
  • If your pages live in a department or program that is perhaps under the umbrella of another department or division, and you don’t see your specific program here as a section, email

On this screen, you can add in an existing "Contact Us" Section.

  • Just type a little bit of what you think the Title of that contact section will be. You’ll see options pop up below.
  • Double check the preview of your Contact Us Section and make sure everything is up to date.
  • See these other sections for how to add a new contact section, or editing an existing contact section.

You will also see a section for social media links. See our social media links page for how to add these in.

All set with your updates? Click Save at the bottom.

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