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Linking From Text

If you want to add a link to another webpage, you can make a word into a link. Please don’t paste an entire URL into the text section.

Email addresses will be automatically transformed into "mail to" links.

Link to a Web Page or URL

Select the words you want to link, then click the link button.


Paste or type in the URL you want to send them to, then click OK.

  • You can do this for external sites as well as Hampshire Drupal pages. It doesn't matter!


Ignore these other tabs. We ask that you please leave the "Target" options as is.


Link to a File

Start the same way by selecting your words and clicking the link button.


Click Browse Server.


Choose your proper folder on the left, navigate into the Files folder within it, click upload.


Find your file on your computer and upload.

  • You can ignore the "Create Thumbnails" checkbox.


Find the file in the list and click on it once.


Click "Insert File".


Click “OK”.


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