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Locating a Page

This is handy if you need to locate a page that is not currently linked TO from another page.

Remember what the title of the page is. This is sometimes the hardest part!

Choose "Content" in the admin toolbar at the top.


Enter the name (or part of the name) of your page in the "Title" box and click "Apply."


Another method to find a page: go to My Workbench and choose My Drafts

  • This will show any page you have saved as a draft.


Click the title of the page to go to it.


Edit the page, or do whatever you need to do.

  • Remember that you OR a co-worker can do this at any time, just not at the exact same time.


To Connect the Page to another Web Page

  • The address you see here is the URL you will want to add as a link on another existing Drupal page.
  • Email if you create new pages to have them added to the menu structure. Pages will not have breadcrumbs if they are not part of the menu structure.
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