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Submitting to Workflow/Publishing Your Page

All set with your updates? Click Save on the Editing Screen (if you haven't already).


You’ll see what your page will look like. Select "Needs Review" and click "Apply".

  • This will submit the page to workflow.  
  • The page will go to the web editor for a quick review of style, grammar, and spelling. When they’re done your page will be published. Typically this is done within a few hours, and within 24 hours at the latest. If you’re not seeing your changes, or if you need something published right away, email


A Note about Page Versions and Drafts:

  • Draft is the word we use if changes have been made to a page but they haven’t been published out yet.
  • For example- if I need to make updates to this page, I’ll go in, click new draft, make my changes, and click save.
  • This creates a new draft, since the version in Drupal is now different than what is published on the website.
  • If I then realize I need to change something else, I can still go back in- but I’ll see an “Edit draft” tab instead of "New Draft".
  • I don’t need to pull the page back out of workflow, or wait for it to be reviewed, to make more changes.
  • I can also have my co-worker go in and check or add their updates to the draft, or vice versa.
  • That’s what this wording is about Current Draft- if it says yes, the version you see when you click “edit” in Drupal is what’s currently published out. If it’s not, you or someone else has recently edited the page and you’ll be working on their revised version.
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