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Hampshire campus aerial shot of Cole Science building

Members of the Board of Trustees

Jose Fuentes 05F

Vice Chair:
William S. Null 72F P08 – Chair Audit and Risk Management
Catherine Smith 71F – Chair Business Operations

Executive Committee:

Stephan Jost 87F – Chair Academic Affairs

Lucy-Ann McFadden 70F – Chair Outreach and Advancement
Jordan Strauss 96F – Chair Trusteeship and Governance
Ellen S. Sturgis 77F – Chair Student Experience
Carol Varney 90F – Chair Enrollment
Carol Salzman 71F – Secretary to the Board

Edward C. Wingenbach – President

Other Board Members:
Anthony Thomas 07F
Elí Alejo 17F – Student Trustee
Elle K. Chan 87F
Jesus A. Colmenares 03F – Alumni Trustee
Dayna Cunningham P12
Wm. Josiah Erikson 97F P13 – Staff Trustee
David H. Matheson P11 P13
Lise Sanders 90F – Faculty Trustee
Julie B. Schecter 71F
Morwin Schmookler
Erik Benau

July 1, 2020 Appointments
Alumni Trustee – Warren Gorlick 77F

Student Trustee Elect – Nicholas Bythrow 18F

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