Hampshire's Creative Media Internship Program is...

Hampshire Students doing summer internships with alums in film, video, animation, television, music, performance art, photography, etc.

Hampshire Alums supervising and mentoring students who are exploring a career in the entertainment industry

Student participants have the opportunity to:

  • Get their "feet in the door" in a very competitive industry
  • Meet people in the field and make valuable connections
  • Develop their skills with the help and guidance of a Hampshire alum

More Information for Students

Alum participants have the opportunity to:

  • Get assistance from a creative, ambitious Hampshire student
  • Share their knowledge and experience
  • Stay connected with the Hampshire community

More Information for Alums

Questions? Contact Sharón Friedner: sfriedner@hampshire.edu, 413.559.5768

Did you know?

Grant funding may be available for your film internship.

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